Man pages for modEvA
Model Evaluation and Analysis

arrangePlotsArrange plots
AUCArea Under the ROC Curve
DsquaredProportion of deviance explained by a GLM
evaluateEvaluate a GLM based on the elements of a confusion matrix.
evennessEvenness in a binary vector.
getBinsGet bins of continuous values.
getModEqnGet model equation
HLfitHosmer-Lemeshow goodness of fit
MESSMultivariate Environmental Similarity Surfaces based on a...
MillerCalibMiller's calibration satistics for logistic regression models
modEvAmethodsMethods implemented in modEvA functions
modEvA-packageModel Evaluation and Analysis
multModEvMultiple model evaluation
OAOverlap Analysis
optiPairOptimize the classification threshold for a pair of related...
optiThreshOptimize threshold for model evaluation.
plotGLMPlot a generalized linear model
range01Shrink or stretch a vector to make it range between 0 and 1
rotif.modsRotifer distribution models
RsqGLMR-squared measures for GLMs
standard01Standardize to 0-1 (or vice-versa)
threshMeasuresThreshold-based measures of model evaluation
varPartVariation partitioning
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