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Functions to construct non-additive genetic relatedness matrices

aiFunSampling (co)variances and correlations
chooseInternal function for 'makeDsim'
constrainFunFunction used in the 'proLik' function to produce a profile...
DFCIndicates Double First Cousins
findBetweenDetermines how close estimates are to a true value
findDFCFinds the double first cousins in a pedigree
genAssignGeneration assignment
IBDIdentical by descent
IBD2Identity by descent helper function
makeACreates the additive genetic relationship matrix
makeAACreates the additive by additive epistatic genetic...
makeDCreates the dominance genetic realationship matrix
makeDomEpiCreates the additive by dominance and dominance by dominance...
makeDsimCreates the dominance genetic relationship matrix through...
Mrode2Pedigree from Table 2.1 of Mrode (2005)
Mrode9Pedigree, adapted from example 9.1 of Mrode (2005)
nadiv-packageFunctions to create non-additive relationship matrices and...
numPedCreates a numeric form of a pedigree
plot.proLikGraphically depicts the profile Likelihood
proLikEstimates the profile likelihood of a random effect
SEfunEstimate of the standard error for a simulated coefficient of...
sm2listConverts a sparse matrix into a three column format.
vchooseHelper function for another internal function in 'makeDsim'
warcolakPedigree and phenotypic values for a mythical population of...
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