granite: A random sample of granite gravestones was taken from a...

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A random sample of granite gravestones was taken from a cemetery in Savannah, a city along the southeast coast of the USA (coastal) and a cemetery in Macon, Georgia, a town located 170 miles inland from Savannah (inland). The dataset consists of the age of each gravestone (the difference between the current year and the year the person died), the depth of degradation (in mm) as determined by the lettering alteration method, and the location of the gravestone where the value of location is 0 for coastal and 1 for inland.


A list containing 3 variables with 25 rows, and a variable with 1 row.


T.C. Meierdin, Marble weathering rates: a transect of the United States. Physical Geography, 2, pp. 1-18, (1981)

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