Man pages for nonlinearTseries
Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

buildTakensBuild the Takens' vectors
cliffordMapClifford map
contourLinesObtain the contour lines of the space time plot.
corrDimCorrelation sum, correlation dimension and generalized...
corrMatrixReturns the correlation sums stored in the _corrDim_ object
dfaDetrended Fluctuation Analysis
divergenceReturns the rate of divergence of close trajectories needed...
divTimeReturns the time in which the divergence of close...
embeddingDimsGet the embedding dimensions used for compute a chaotic...
estimateEstimate several chaotic invariants using linear regression
estimateEmbeddingDimEstimate the embedding dimension
FFTsurrogateGenerate surrogate data using the Fourier transform
findAllNeighboursneighbour search
fixedMassfixed mass
fluctuationFunctionReturns the fluctuation function obtained in a DFA and...
gaussMapGauss map
getContourLinesObtain the contour lines of the space time plot.
henonHenon map
ikedaMapIkeda map
infDimInformation dimension
logisticMapLogistic map
logRadiusObtain the the average log(radius) computed on the...
lorenzLorenz system
maxLyapunovMaximum lyapunov exponent
mutualInformationAverage Mutual Information (AMI)
neighbourSearchneighbour search
nlOrderGet the order of the nonlinear chaotic invariant.
nonlinearityTestNonlinearity test
nonLinearNoiseReductionNonlinear noise reduction
nonLinearPredictionNonlinear time series prediction
plotLocalScalingExpPlot local scaling exponents
poincareMapPoincare map
radiusGet the radius of the neighborhoods used for the computations...
recurrencePlotRecurrence Plot
rosslerRossler system
rqaRecurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA)
sampleEntropySample Entropy (also known as Kolgomorov-Sinai Entropy)
sampleEntropyFunctionReturns the sample entropy function h_q(m,r) used for the...
sinaiMapSinai map
spaceTimePlotSpace Time plot
surrogateTestSurrogate data testing
timeAsymmetryTime Reversibility statistic
timeAsymmetry2Time Reversibility statistic
timeLagEstimate an appropiate time lag for the Takens' vectors
windowSizesReturns the window sizes used for DFA in a _dfa_ object.
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