oro.nifti: Rigorous - NIfTI+ANALYZE+AFNI Input / Output

Functions for the input/output and visualization of medical imaging data that follow either the ANALYZE, NIfTI or AFNI formats. This package is part of the Rigorous Analytics bundle.

AuthorBrandon Whitcher, Volker Schmid and Andrew Thornton, with contributions by Karsten Tabelow and Jon Clayden
Date of publication2015-01-17 15:39:57
MaintainerBrandon Whitcher <bwhitcher@gmail.com>
LicenseBSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

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Man pages

afni: is.afni

afni-class: Class "afni"

anlz: Constructor for Analyze

anlz-class: Class "anlz"

as_nifti: as.nifti

audit_trail: Facilitate the Creation and Modification of Audit Trails

audit_trail-methods: Extract or Replace NIfTI Audit Trail

aux_file-methods: Extract or Replace NIfTI/Analyze Auxiliary File

bitwise: Bitwise Conversion Subroutines

calmin-methods: Extract or Replace NIfTI/Analyze Min or Max Values

coerce-methods: Force an Object to Belong to the ANALYZE or NIfTI Class

convert_afni: Convert AFNI data codes

convert_anlz: Convert NIfTI Codes

convert_nifti: Convert NIfTI Codes

descrip-methods: Extract or Replace NIfTI/Analyze Description

hotmetal: Hot Metal Color Table

image-methods: Methods for Function 'image'

integerTranslation: integerTranslation

miscellaneous: Dimension Accessor Functions

nifti: Constructor for NIfTI

nifti_assign-methods: ~~ Methods for Function [<- in Package 'base' ~~

niftiAuditTrail-class: Class "niftiAuditTrail"

nifti-class: Class "nifti"

niftiExtension-class: Class "niftiExtension"

niftiExtensionSection-class: Class "niftiExtensionSection"

orthographic-methods: Methods for Function 'orthographic' in Package 'dcemriS4'

overlay-methods: Methods for Function overlay

performPermutation: performPermutation

pixdim-methods: Extract or Replace NIfTI/Analyze Pixel Dimensions

q2R: Convert Quaternion into a Rotation Matrix

qformsform: Extract NIfTI 3D Image Orientation

read_afni: readAFNI

read_anlz: readANALYZE

read_nifti: readNIfTI

remove: Remove File Extensions Around the NIfTI/ANALYZE Formats

reorient: reorient

tim_colors: Tim's Useful Color Table

transformCoordinate: translateCoordinate

write_afni: writeAFNI

write_anlz: writeANALYZE

write_nifti: writeNIfTI


afni-class Man page
anlz Man page
anlz-class Man page
[<-,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
as.anlz Man page
as<-,array,anlz-method Man page
as,array,anlz-method Man page
as<-,array,nifti-method Man page
as<-,array,nifti-method Man page
as,array,nifti-method Man page
as.nifti Man page
audit.trail Man page
audit.trail<- Man page
audit.trail-methods Man page
audit.trail<-,nifti-method Man page
audit.trail,nifti-method Man page
aux.file Man page
aux.file<- Man page
aux.file<-,anlz-method Man page
aux.file,anlz-method Man page
aux.file-methods Man page
aux.file<-,nifti-method Man page
aux.file,nifti-method Man page
cal.max Man page
cal.max<- Man page
cal.max<-,anlz-method Man page
cal.max,anlz-method Man page
cal.max-methods Man page
cal.max<-,nifti-method Man page
cal.max,nifti-method Man page
cal.min Man page
cal.min<- Man page
cal.min<-,anlz-method Man page
cal.min,anlz-method Man page
cal.min-methods Man page
cal.min<-,nifti-method Man page
cal.min,nifti-method Man page
coerce<-,anlz,nifti-method Man page
coerce,anlz,nifti-method Man page
coerce<-,array,anlz-method Man page
coerce,array,anlz-method Man page
coerce<-,array,nifti-method Man page
coerce,array,nifti-method Man page
coerce<-,list,anlz-method Man page
coerce,list,anlz-method Man page
coerce<-,list,nifti-method Man page
coerce,list,nifti-method Man page
coerce-methods Man page
convert.bitpix Man page
convert.bitpix.anlz Man page
convert.datatype Man page
convert.datatype.anlz Man page
convert.form Man page
convert.intent Man page
convert.orient.anlz Man page
convert.scene Man page
convert.slice Man page
convert.units Man page
descrip Man page
descrip<- Man page
descrip<-,anlz-method Man page
descrip,anlz-method Man page
descrip-methods Man page
descrip<-,nifti-method Man page
descrip,nifti-method Man page
dim2freq Man page
dim2phase Man page
dim2slice Man page
enableAuditTrail Man page
getLastCallWithName Man page
hotmetal Man page
image,afni-method Man page
image,anlz-method Man page
image,ANY-method Man page
image-methods Man page
image.nifti Man page
image,nifti-method Man page
integerTranslation Man page
inverseReorient Man page
invertIntegerTranslation Man page
is.afni Man page
is.anlz Man page
is.nifti Man page
[<--methods Man page
newAuditTrail Man page
nifti Man page
[<-,nifti,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,nifti,ANY,missing,ANY-method Man page
niftiAuditTrail-class Man page
niftiAuditTrailCreated Man page
niftiAuditTrailEvent Man page
niftiAuditTrailSystemNode Man page
niftiAuditTrailSystemNodeEvent Man page
niftiAuditTrailToExtension Man page
nifti-class Man page
niftiExtension-class Man page
niftiExtensionSection-class Man page
niftiExtensionToAuditTrail Man page
[<-,nifti,missing,missing,array-method Man page
[<-,nifti,numeric,missing,ANY-method Man page
[<-,nifti,numeric,numeric,ANY-method Man page
nsli Man page
NSLI Man page
ntim Man page
NTIM Man page
oro.nifti.info Man page
orthographic Man page
orthographic,afni-method Man page
orthographic,anlz-method Man page
orthographic,array-method Man page
orthographic-methods Man page
orthographic.nifti Man page
orthographic,nifti-method Man page
overlay Man page
overlay,afni,afni-method Man page
overlay,afni,array-method Man page
overlay,anlz,anlz-method Man page
overlay,anlz,array-method Man page
overlay,anlz,nifti-method Man page
overlay,array,anlz-method Man page
overlay,array,array-method Man page
overlay,array,nifti-method Man page
overlay-methods Man page
overlay.nifti Man page
overlay,nifti,anlz-method Man page
overlay,nifti,array-method Man page
overlay,nifti,nifti-method Man page
performPermutation Man page
pixdim Man page
pixdim<- Man page
pixdim<-,anlz-method Man page
pixdim,anlz-method Man page
pixdim-methods Man page
pixdim<-,nifti-method Man page
pixdim,nifti-method Man page
qform Man page
qform-methods Man page
qform,nifti-method Man page
quaternion2mat44 Man page
quaternion2rotation Man page
readAFNI Man page
read.afni.content Man page
readANALYZE Man page
read.analyze.content Man page
readNIfTI Man page
read.nifti.content Man page
reorient Man page
rmgz Man page
rmhdr Man page
rmhdrgz Man page
rmimg Man page
rmimggz Man page
rmnii Man page
rmniigz Man page
sform Man page
sform-methods Man page
sform,nifti-method Man page
show,afni-method Man page
show,anlz-method Man page
show,nifti-method Man page
space.time2xyzt Man page
tim.colors Man page
translateCoordinate Man page
writeAFNI Man page
writeAFNI,afni-method Man page
writeAFNI,ANY-method Man page
writeAFNI-methods Man page
writeANALYZE Man page
writeANALYZE,anlz-method Man page
writeANALYZE-methods Man page
writeNIfTI Man page
writeNIfTI,anlz-method Man page
writeNIfTI,array-method Man page
writeNIfTI-methods Man page
writeNIfTI,nifti-method Man page
xyzt2space Man page
xyzt2time Man page


oro.nifti/R/afniS4.R oro.nifti/R/analyzeS4.R oro.nifti/R/auditTrail.R oro.nifti/R/convert_anlz.R oro.nifti/R/convert_nifti.R oro.nifti/R/hotmetal.R oro.nifti/R/miscellaneous.R oro.nifti/R/niftiS4.R oro.nifti/R/plot.R oro.nifti/R/readS4.R oro.nifti/R/remove.R oro.nifti/R/tim_colors.R oro.nifti/R/transform.R oro.nifti/R/wrappers.R oro.nifti/R/writeS4.R oro.nifti/R/zzz.R
oro.nifti/man/afni-class.Rd oro.nifti/man/afni.Rd oro.nifti/man/anlz-class.Rd oro.nifti/man/anlz.Rd oro.nifti/man/as_nifti.Rd oro.nifti/man/audit_trail-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/audit_trail.Rd oro.nifti/man/aux_file-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/bitwise.Rd oro.nifti/man/calmin-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/coerce-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/convert_afni.Rd oro.nifti/man/convert_anlz.Rd oro.nifti/man/convert_nifti.Rd oro.nifti/man/descrip-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/hotmetal.Rd oro.nifti/man/image-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/integerTranslation.Rd oro.nifti/man/miscellaneous.Rd oro.nifti/man/nifti-class.Rd oro.nifti/man/nifti.Rd oro.nifti/man/niftiAuditTrail-class.Rd oro.nifti/man/niftiExtension-class.Rd oro.nifti/man/niftiExtensionSection-class.Rd oro.nifti/man/nifti_assign-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/orthographic-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/overlay-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/performPermutation.Rd oro.nifti/man/pixdim-methods.Rd oro.nifti/man/q2R.Rd oro.nifti/man/qformsform.Rd oro.nifti/man/read_afni.Rd oro.nifti/man/read_anlz.Rd oro.nifti/man/read_nifti.Rd oro.nifti/man/remove.Rd oro.nifti/man/reorient.Rd oro.nifti/man/tim_colors.Rd oro.nifti/man/transformCoordinate.Rd oro.nifti/man/write_afni.Rd oro.nifti/man/write_anlz.Rd oro.nifti/man/write_nifti.Rd

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