Man pages for parfm
Parametric Frailty Models

anova.parfmAnalysis of Deviance for a parametric frailty model.
asthmaRecurrent asthma attacks in children
ci.parfmConfidence Intervals for Hazard Ratios of Covariates of...
cullingCulling of dairy heifer cows
diagnosisDiagnosis of fracture healing
ecfEast Coast Fever transmission dynamics
insemTime to first insemination in dairy heifer cows without time...
insemtvcTime to first insemtvcination in dairy heifer cows with time...
mastitisCorrelated infection times in four cow udder quarters
parfmParametric Frailty Models
predict.parfmPredictions of frailty values for Parametric Frailty Models
reconstitutionReconstitution of blood-milk barrier after reconstitution
select.parfmAIC and BIC values of several Parametric Frailty Models
tauKendall's Tau for Parametric Frailty Models
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