Man pages for rSALMO
Simulation of ecological lake models

aggregate_dailyCalculate Daily Sums or Averages
approxTimeLinear Interpolation with Complete Matrices or Data Frames
areaFunctionHypsographic Functions for Conical Lake Geometry
calczmixCalculate Mixing Depth
call_salmodllCall SALMO Shared Library
check_salmo_parmsCheck SALMO Model Parameters
data_bautzen_1997Input data set data_bautzen_1997
extract_physExtract Physical Structure from Input Data
get_salmo_parmsGet SALMO Parameters
hypso_bautzenData set hypso_bautzen
hypso_coneHypsographic Table of a Conic Lake
hypso_functionsHypsographic Functions from Tabular Interpolation
init_salmo_integersInitialize Index Values of Parameter List
iradIrradiation Data Set
layers2vectorConvert Layer Structure to Vector
layers_long2wideReformat Layer Strcuture from Long Format to Wide Format
makeInputVectorMake Input Vector from List of Input Data
o2satOxygen Saturation in Fresh Water
parms_mac_ctrlparms_mac_ctrl data set
parms_mac_otherparms_mac_other data set
parms_mac_plantsparms_mac_plants data set
parms_salmo_ctrlparms_salmo_ctrl data set
parms_salmo_otherparms_salmo_other data set
parms_salmo_phytoparms_salmo_phyto data set
plot_inputsPlot Inputs of a 1D Model
rSALMO-packageEcological Simulation of Lakes
salmo_1dDerivatives of SALMO
salmo_boxDerivatives of SALMO
salmo_mac_1dDerivatives of SALMO with macrophytes
salmo_mac_boxDerivatives of SALMO with macrophytes
salmo_state_namesColumn Names of SALMO State and Input Variables
sedimentation_matrixCreate Sedimentation and Migration Matrix for SALMO-1D
setparmsSet Model Parameters
transportCalulate Vertical Transport for a 1D Lake Model
turbulenceTurbulence Data Set
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