Man pages for randtoolbox
Toolbox for Pseudo and Quasi Random Number Generation and Random Generator Tests

auxfunAuxiliary functions for 'randtoolbox' package.
colltestthe Collision test
colltestsparsethe Collision test
freqtestthe Frequency test
gaptestthe Gap test
get.primesGet primes for quasi random number generation
getWELLStateGet the state of a WELL generator implemented in randtoolbox...
ordertestthe Order test
overall-docGeneral remarks on toolbox for pseudo and quasi random number...
pokertestthe Poker test
pseudoRNGToolbox for pseudo and quasi random number generation
quasiRNGToolbox for quasi random number generation
rngWELLScriptRAn implementation of the recurrence of WELL generators in R...
runifInterfaceFunctions for using runif() and rnorm() with randtoolbox...
serialtestthe Serial test
sobol-test-funcSome test functions for Sobol sequences
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