rasterVis: Visualization methods for the raster package

The raster package defines classes and methods for spatial raster data access and manipulation. The rasterVis package complements raster providing a set of methods for enhanced visualization and interaction.

AuthorOscar Perpinan Lamigueiro [cre, aut], Robert Hijmans [aut]
Date of publication2013-06-03 08:39:38
MaintainerOscar Perpinan Lamigueiro <oscar.perpinan@gmail.com>

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BTCTheme Man page
BuRdTheme Man page
bwplot Man page
bwplot,formula,Raster-method Man page
bwplot,RasterStackBrick,missing-method Man page
chooseRegion Man page
contourplot Man page
contourplot,Raster,missing-method Man page
densityplot Man page
densityplot,formula,Raster-method Man page
densityplot,RasterLayer,missing-method Man page
densityplot,RasterStackBrick,missing-method Man page
gplot Man page
gplot,Raster-method Man page
GrTheme Man page
hexbinplot Man page
hexbinplot,formula,Raster-method Man page
histogram Man page
histogram,formula,Raster-method Man page
histogram,RasterLayer,missing-method Man page
histogram,RasterStackBrick,missing-method Man page
horizonplot Man page
horizonplot,RasterStackBrick-method Man page
horizonplot,RasterStackBrick,missing-method Man page
hovmoller Man page
hovmoller,RasterStackBrick-method Man page
identifyRaster Man page
identifyRaster,Raster-method Man page
levelplot Man page
levelplot,Raster,missing-method Man page
plot3D Man page
plot3D,RasterLayer-method Man page
PuOrTheme Man page
rasterTheme Man page
rasterVis Man page
rasterVis-package Man page
RdBuTheme Man page
splom Man page
splom,RasterStackBrick,missing-method Man page
streamplot Man page
streamplot,Raster-method Man page
streamplot,RasterStack-method Man page
streamTheme Man page
vectorplot Man page
vectorplot,Raster-method Man page
xscale.raster Man page
xscale.raster.subticks Man page
xyLayer Man page
xyplot Man page
xyplot,formula,Raster-method Man page
xyplot,RasterStackBrick,missing-method Man page
yscale.raster Man page
yscale.raster.subticks Man page

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