Man pages for rasterVis
Visualization methods for the raster package

bwplot-methodsBox and whisker plots of Raster objects.
chooseRegionInteraction with trellis objects.
densityplot-methodsDensity plots for Raster objects.
gplot-methodsUse ggplot to plot a Raster* object
hexbinplotFormula methods
histogram-methodsHistogram of Raster objects.
horizonplot-methodsHorizon plots of Raster objects.
hovmoller-methodsHovmoller plots
levelplot-methodsLevel and contour plots of Raster objects.
plot3dInteractive 3D plot of a RasterLayer
rasterThemeThemes for 'raster' with 'lattice'.
rasterVis-packageVisualization methods for 'raster'
splom-methodsScatter plot matrices of Raster objects.
vectorplotVector plots of Raster objects.
xyplot-methodsxyplot for Raster objects
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