rebastaba: Handling Bayesian networks

Creation and manipulation of general Bayesian networks [/bn]. Here "general" means with multivariate nodes and a great variaty of distributions, for continuous, integer or categoric variables. New /bn/ can be generated from existing /bn/. Data sets can be simulated from /bn/. Dags of /bn/ can be graphed... "rbsb" for "ReBaStaBa" which means "R'eseaux Bay'esiens pour la Statistique Bay'esienne", that is "Bayesian Networks for Bayesian Statistics".

AuthorJean-Baptiste Denis <>, Marie-Laure Delignette-Muller <> and Regis Pouillot <>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJean-Baptiste Denis <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

alk2list: transforms a /alk/ object into a list

alkvar: returns the variable names of an /alk/

and4bn: adds a new node to a bn object

anode4bn: very simplified version of and4bn

bn2alk: gets an alk from a given bn

bn2bn: extracts a bn from a bn (way number 1)

bn2bugs: translates a bn into a bugs model

bn2dn: simulates data from a bn

bn2gn: creates a gn object from a bn object

bn2jagscript: constructs a Jags script from a bn

bn2list: transforms a /bn/ into a list

bn2model: expresses the model formulae

bn2nd: extracts and returns some traits of a node defined into a bn

bn2pam: gets the pam from a /bn/.

bn2pta: computes the probability table associated to a numcat/parcat...

categ3beta: compute a univariate categ distribution

categ3beta2: compute a bivariate categ distribution

categ3betap: compute a p-variable categ distribution

check8alk: checks an /alk/

children8bn: returns the direct children of a bn

code4bn: builds the code for the nk-th node of a /bn/.

complete8alk: completes an alk with respect to a given bn

connect8bgn: determines if a bn/gn is connected

cycle8bgn: detects if a cycle exists in a bn/gn object

df2bn: initializes a bn object from a data frame

dim8nd: computes the dimension of a node

Dirac4bn: introduce a Dirac distribution on one univariate node

dn2bstat: Computes the bivariate statistics for the variables of a /dn/

dn2csv: creates a csv file containing dn@df

dn2score: Computes the individual scores for a /dn/

dn2ustat: Computes the univariate statistics for the variables of a...

draw8Dirichlet: simulates random draws from a Dirichlet

draw8dist: returns the distances for the selection to be operated with...

draw8edcg: simulates random draws for a numcat distribution

draw8empidata: performs an empidata [multivariate] draw or prediction

draw8multinom: simulates random draw from a multinomial

draw8predg: returns the predicted individuals for an empidata node.

draw8predi: returns the predicted individual for an empidata node.

draw8sele: returns the candidate individuals for an empidata node.

easyp2code: transforms an easyp expression into an R/bugs block

easyp2code1: expands an easyp expression

easyp2code2: transforms an easyp expression into an R/bugs block

easyp2dim: returns the dimension of the variable defined in an easyp...

easyp3expanded: returns an expanded easyp from an easyp

easyp3trouve: checks the consistency of the result obtained after easyp3cut...

easyps2dim: returns the dimension of the variable defined with an easyp...

expr3bugs: returns the piece of Bugs code for standard distributions

expr3func: builds generating function from code

form3nd: symbolizes the kind of nodes

gn2bn: creates a bn object from a gn object

grappa4check: checks if the provided bn is Grappa-compatible

help8ltype: provides information about type of links

ind8bgn: returns the nodes between two nodes

isalkrepeatable: indicates if the link is a standard repeatable link

isndmulti: indicates if the node is a standard multidimensional node

list2alk: transforms a consistent list into a new alk

list2bn: transforms a consistent list into a new bn object

list2win: transforms a convenient list into a /win/

mnd4bn: modifies an existing node into a bn object

modify4bn: plot an object rbsb to interactively modify its graph

nbrep4alk: determines the number of repetitions of an alk

nd2bn: extracts the sub-bn comprising a node and its direct parents

new8alk: generates a new alk from user specification

new8audit: produced a bn of kind 'audit' from a /gn/

new8noralk: very simplified version of new8alk

normalize4pta: normalize pt

parents8alk: finds the parents at the variable level of an /alk/

parents8bn: returns the direct parents of a bn

parents8win: finds the parents at the variable level of a /win/

part8bgn: classifies a set of nodes according to a subset of them

plan0: generates values from one node of a bn

plan1: generates imposed values to start a simulation plan on a bn

plot8bn: plots an object bn

plot8dn: Plots the numeric or categoric variables of a dn object

plot8dnca: univariate plot for a categoric variable

plot8dncaca: bivariate plot for two categoric variables

plot8dnco: univariate plot for a continuous variable

plot8dncoca: bivariate plot for a continuous and a categoric variables

plot8dncoco: bivariate plot for two continuous variables

plot8gene: plots ancestry [descendants] of node(s) of a bn/gn

plot8path: plots separately all paths between two nodes

porder: finds a parentship order onto the nodes and more

print8alk: prints the node-variable names

print8alkcomp: prints an alk object supposed to be completed for a bn

print8alkuse: prints an alk object not supposed to be completed for a bn

print8bn: prints a bn object

print8dn: prints a /dn/

print8link: prints an interpretation of one link of a bn

print8links: prints the interpretation of some links of a bn

print8pt2: prints a pt object of dimension two

print8pta: prints the node-variable names

print8win: prints a /win/

range8node: returns the variable ranges of a given node

rcatbn: creates a pseudo-random numcat bn object

read8audit: produced an audit /bn/ from a text file

read8bn: produced a /bn/ from a text file

rebastaba: draws some Bayesian networks for illustration

rebastaba3k: assigns the rsba constants

repartition3dn: scans the repartition of the values of dn@df

rnd4bn: removes a series of nodes into a bn object

rnorbn: creates a pseudo-random normal bn object from a given bn

rsba.alk-class: Class "alk" to define *a*sked *l*in*k* by the user

rsba.pta-class: Class "pta" to store probability tables Class "win" to define a node from a data.frame Class for Bayesian Networks

rsdn.dn-class: Class for data sets associated to bn, most often simulated

score4dn: Completes a dn with its score

simulate8bn: simulates a /dn/ from a /bn/

study8nd: extracts sub-bn(s) with one parent one child from a bn

subn: finds independent sub-bn in a BN

uniform4bn: introduces a uniform distribution on one node

valid8alk: checks an /alk/

valid8bn: checks a /bn/

valid8dn: checks a /dn/

valid8pta: checks a /pta/

valid8win: checks a /win/

var4alk: finds the variable names for an alk.

variables8win: returns all variables involved in a /win/

win2list: transforms into a list a /win/

write8bn: writes a /bn/ to a file

zero2bn: starting an empty bn


alk2list Man page
alk-class Man page
alkvar Man page
and4bn Man page
anode4bn Man page
bn2alk Man page
bn2bn Man page
bn2bugs Man page
bn2dn Man page
bn2gn Man page
bn2jagscript Man page
bn2list Man page
bn2model Man page
bn2nd Man page
bn2pam Man page
bn2pta Man page
bn-class Man page
categ3beta Man page
categ3beta2 Man page
categ3betap Man page
check8alk Man page
children8bn Man page
code4bn Man page
complete8alk Man page
connect8bgn Man page
cycle8bgn Man page
df2bn Man page
dim8nd Man page
Dirac4bn Man page
dn2bstat Man page
dn2csv Man page
dn2score Man page
dn2ustat Man page
dn-class Man page
draw8Dirichlet Man page
draw8dist Man page
draw8edcg Man page
draw8empidata Man page
draw8multinom Man page
draw8predg Man page
draw8predi Man page
draw8sele Man page
easyp2code Man page
easyp2code1 Man page
easyp2code2 Man page
easyp2dim Man page
easyp3expanded Man page
easyp3trouve Man page
easyps2dim Man page
expr3bugs Man page
expr3func Man page
form3nd Man page
gn2bn Man page
grappa4check Man page
help8ltype Man page
ind8bgn Man page
isalkrepeatable Man page
isndmulti Man page
list2alk Man page
list2bn Man page
list2win Man page
mnd4bn Man page
modify4bn Man page
nbrep4alk Man page
nd2bn Man page
new8alk Man page
new8audit Man page
new8noralk Man page
normalize4pta Man page
parents8alk Man page
parents8bn Man page
parents8win Man page
part8bgn Man page
plan0 Man page
plan1 Man page
plot8bn Man page
plot8dn Man page
plot8dnca Man page
plot8dncaca Man page
plot8dnco Man page
plot8dncoca Man page
plot8dncoco Man page
plot8gene Man page
plot8path Man page
plot,bn-method Man page
plot,dn-method Man page
porder Man page
print8alk Man page
print8alkcomp Man page
print8alkuse Man page
print8bn Man page
print8dn Man page
print8link Man page
print8links Man page
print8pt2 Man page
print8pta Man page
print8win Man page
print,alk-method Man page
print,bn-method Man page
print,dn-method Man page
print,pta-method Man page
print,win-method Man page
pta-class Man page
range8node Man page
rcatbn Man page
read8audit Man page
read8bn Man page
rebastaba Man page
rebastaba3k Man page
repartition3dn Man page
rnd4bn Man page
rnorbn Man page
score4dn Man page
simulate8bn Man page
study8nd Man page
subn Man page
uniform4bn Man page
valid8alk Man page
valid8bn Man page
valid8dn Man page
valid8pta Man page
valid8win Man page
var4alk Man page
variables8win Man page
win2list Man page
win-class Man page
write8bn Man page
zero2bn Man page


R/f3.rsmi.code.r R/f2.rsdn.code.r R/zzz.R R/f1.rsbn.code.r R/f0.rsba.code.r
tests/rsbn.demo.creating.R tests/rsbn.demo.list.R tests/rsdn.demo.simulating.R
tests/rsba.demo.alk.R tests/rsdn.demo.dn.plotting.R
tests/rsdn.demo.empidata.R tests/rsba.demo.easyp.R
inst/original/rsmi.code.r inst/original/rsdn.code.r inst/original/rsba.code.r inst/original/rsbn.code.r
man/study8nd.Rd man/df2bn.Rd man/bn2pam.Rd man/plot8bn.Rd man/parents8win.Rd man/rnorbn.Rd man/print8link.Rd man/complete8alk.Rd man/var4alk.Rd man/isndmulti.Rd man/bn2nd.Rd man/part8bgn.Rd man/help8ltype.Rd man/normalize4pta.Rd man/list2bn.Rd man/rcatbn.Rd man/valid8win.Rd man/write8bn.Rd man/read8audit.Rd man/valid8dn.Rd man/bn2model.Rd man/draw8dist.Rd man/plot8dncoca.Rd man/bn2bugs.Rd man/parents8alk.Rd man/bn2list.Rd man/porder.Rd man/bn2pta.Rd man/categ3beta.Rd man/plot8dn.Rd man/print8bn.Rd man/ind8bgn.Rd man/bn2bn.Rd man/list2alk.Rd man/children8bn.Rd man/categ3beta2.Rd man/range8node.Rd man/zero2bn.Rd man/bn2dn.Rd man/dn2csv.Rd man/rsba.alk-class.Rd man/easyps2dim.Rd man/bn2jagscript.Rd man/easyp2code1.Rd man/grappa4check.Rd man/rnd4bn.Rd man/form3nd.Rd man/read8bn.Rd man/mnd4bn.Rd man/new8audit.Rd man/nbrep4alk.Rd man/print8dn.Rd man/rsdn.dn-class.Rd man/new8alk.Rd man/print8alkcomp.Rd man/print8links.Rd man/print8alk.Rd man/plan1.Rd man/modify4bn.Rd man/expr3bugs.Rd man/dn2bstat.Rd man/rsba.pta-class.Rd man/alkvar.Rd man/draw8predg.Rd man/draw8multinom.Rd man/ man/ man/rebastaba3k.Rd man/check8alk.Rd man/bn2gn.Rd man/draw8Dirichlet.Rd man/parents8bn.Rd man/valid8pta.Rd man/dn2ustat.Rd man/and4bn.Rd man/cycle8bgn.Rd man/draw8edcg.Rd man/plot8dncaca.Rd man/valid8bn.Rd man/easyp3trouve.Rd man/plot8gene.Rd man/gn2bn.Rd man/easyp3expanded.Rd man/Dirac4bn.Rd man/print8pt2.Rd man/bn2alk.Rd man/draw8empidata.Rd man/easyp2code.Rd man/repartition3dn.Rd man/print8win.Rd man/print8alkuse.Rd man/variables8win.Rd man/nd2bn.Rd man/dim8nd.Rd man/plot8path.Rd man/draw8predi.Rd man/isalkrepeatable.Rd man/subn.Rd man/easyp2dim.Rd man/draw8sele.Rd man/expr3func.Rd man/new8noralk.Rd man/print8pta.Rd man/list2win.Rd man/dn2score.Rd man/rebastaba.Rd man/code4bn.Rd man/alk2list.Rd man/score4dn.Rd man/categ3betap.Rd man/uniform4bn.Rd man/valid8alk.Rd man/easyp2code2.Rd man/plot8dncoco.Rd man/simulate8bn.Rd man/plot8dnca.Rd man/anode4bn.Rd man/win2list.Rd man/plot8dnco.Rd man/connect8bgn.Rd man/plan0.Rd
demo/rsbn.demo.creating.R demo/rsbn.demo.list.R demo/rsdn.demo.simulating.R demo/rsba.demo.alk.R demo/rsdn.demo.dn.plotting.R
demo/rsbn.demo.misc.R demo/rsdn.demo.empidata.R demo/rsba.demo.easyp.R demo/rsdn.demo.creating.R demo/rsba.demo.ion.R

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