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Handling Bayesian networks

alk2listtransforms a /alk/ object into a list
alkvarreturns the variable names of an /alk/
and4bnadds a new node to a bn object
anode4bnvery simplified version of and4bn
bn2alkgets an alk from a given bn
bn2bnextracts a bn from a bn (way number 1)
bn2bugstranslates a bn into a bugs model
bn2dnsimulates data from a bn
bn2gncreates a gn object from a bn object
bn2jagscriptconstructs a Jags script from a bn
bn2listtransforms a /bn/ into a list
bn2modelexpresses the model formulae
bn2ndextracts and returns some traits of a node defined into a bn
bn2pamgets the pam from a /bn/.
bn2ptacomputes the probability table associated to a numcat/parcat...
categ3betacompute a univariate categ distribution
categ3beta2compute a bivariate categ distribution
categ3betapcompute a p-variable categ distribution
check8alkchecks an /alk/
children8bnreturns the direct children of a bn
code4bnbuilds the code for the nk-th node of a /bn/.
complete8alkcompletes an alk with respect to a given bn
connect8bgndetermines if a bn/gn is connected
cycle8bgndetects if a cycle exists in a bn/gn object
df2bninitializes a bn object from a data frame
dim8ndcomputes the dimension of a node
Dirac4bnintroduce a Dirac distribution on one univariate node
dn2bstatComputes the bivariate statistics for the variables of a /dn/
dn2csvcreates a csv file containing [email protected]
dn2scoreComputes the individual scores for a /dn/
dn2ustatComputes the univariate statistics for the variables of a...
draw8Dirichletsimulates random draws from a Dirichlet
draw8distreturns the distances for the selection to be operated with...
draw8edcgsimulates random draws for a numcat distribution
draw8empidataperforms an empidata [multivariate] draw or prediction
draw8multinomsimulates random draw from a multinomial
draw8predgreturns the predicted individuals for an empidata node.
draw8predireturns the predicted individual for an empidata node.
draw8selereturns the candidate individuals for an empidata node.
easyp2codetransforms an easyp expression into an R/bugs block
easyp2code1expands an easyp expression
easyp2code2transforms an easyp expression into an R/bugs block
easyp2dimreturns the dimension of the variable defined in an easyp...
easyp3expandedreturns an expanded easyp from an easyp
easyp3trouvechecks the consistency of the result obtained after easyp3cut...
easyps2dimreturns the dimension of the variable defined with an easyp...
expr3bugsreturns the piece of Bugs code for standard distributions
expr3funcbuilds generating function from code
form3ndsymbolizes the kind of nodes
gn2bncreates a bn object from a gn object
grappa4checkchecks if the provided bn is Grappa-compatible
help8ltypeprovides information about type of links
ind8bgnreturns the nodes between two nodes
isalkrepeatableindicates if the link is a standard repeatable link
isndmultiindicates if the node is a standard multidimensional node
list2alktransforms a consistent list into a new alk
list2bntransforms a consistent list into a new bn object
list2wintransforms a convenient list into a /win/
mnd4bnmodifies an existing node into a bn object
modify4bnplot an object rbsb to interactively modify its graph
nbrep4alkdetermines the number of repetitions of an alk
nd2bnextracts the sub-bn comprising a node and its direct parents
new8alkgenerates a new alk from user specification
new8auditproduced a bn of kind 'audit' from a /gn/
new8noralkvery simplified version of new8alk
normalize4ptanormalize pt
parents8alkfinds the parents at the variable level of an /alk/
parents8bnreturns the direct parents of a bn
parents8winfinds the parents at the variable level of a /win/
part8bgnclassifies a set of nodes according to a subset of them
plan0generates values from one node of a bn
plan1generates imposed values to start a simulation plan on a bn
plot8bnplots an object bn
plot8dnPlots the numeric or categoric variables of a dn object
plot8dncaunivariate plot for a categoric variable
plot8dncacabivariate plot for two categoric variables
plot8dncounivariate plot for a continuous variable
plot8dncocabivariate plot for a continuous and a categoric variables
plot8dncocobivariate plot for two continuous variables
plot8geneplots ancestry [descendants] of node(s) of a bn/gn
plot8pathplots separately all paths between two nodes
porderfinds a parentship order onto the nodes and more
print8alkprints the node-variable names
print8alkcompprints an alk object supposed to be completed for a bn
print8alkuseprints an alk object not supposed to be completed for a bn
print8bnprints a bn object
print8dnprints a /dn/
print8linkprints an interpretation of one link of a bn
print8linksprints the interpretation of some links of a bn
print8pt2prints a pt object of dimension two
print8ptaprints the node-variable names
print8winprints a /win/
range8nodereturns the variable ranges of a given node
rcatbncreates a pseudo-random numcat bn object
read8auditproduced an audit /bn/ from a text file
read8bnproduced a /bn/ from a text file
rebastabadraws some Bayesian networks for illustration
rebastaba3kassigns the rsba constants
repartition3dnscans the repartition of the values of [email protected]
rnd4bnremoves a series of nodes into a bn object
rnorbncreates a pseudo-random normal bn object from a given bn
rsba.alk-classClass "alk" to define *a*sked *l*in*k* by the user
rsba.pta-classClass "pta" to store probability tables "win" to define a node from a data.frame for Bayesian Networks
rsdn.dn-classClass for data sets associated to bn, most often simulated
score4dnCompletes a dn with its score
simulate8bnsimulates a /dn/ from a /bn/
study8ndextracts sub-bn(s) with one parent one child from a bn
subnfinds independent sub-bn in a BN
uniform4bnintroduces a uniform distribution on one node
valid8alkchecks an /alk/
valid8bnchecks a /bn/
valid8dnchecks a /dn/
valid8ptachecks a /pta/
valid8winchecks a /win/
var4alkfinds the variable names for an alk.
variables8winreturns all variables involved in a /win/
win2listtransforms into a list a /win/
write8bnwrites a /bn/ to a file
zero2bnstarting an empty bn
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