regr0: Building regression models

Helps to perform efficient model building for many kinds of regression models, including graphical residuals analysis. It also contains some useful utility functions.

AuthorWerner Stahel
Date of publication2017-03-10 06:10:21
MaintainerWerner Stahel <>

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Man pages

allcoef: all coefficients of a model fit

asinp: arc sine Transformation

c.months: Names of months and weekdays

colorpale: determine more pale colors for given colors

condquant: Quantiles of a Conditional Distribution

contr.wsum: contrasts for zeroing the weighted sum of coefficients

d.blast: tremor caused by blasting for excavation of a tunnel, with...

d.fossiles: Shapes of Shells and Environmental Variables

doc: Define and obtain the doc or tit attribute ~~ data name/kind ... ~~

drop1.mlm: Drop All Possible Single Terms from or Add Terms to a...

drop1.regr: Drop All Possible Single Terms from or Add Terms to a Model...

drop1Wald: Drop Single Terms of a Model and Calculate Respective Wald...

dropdata: Drop Observations from a Data.frame

d.surveyenvir: Survey on Environment

factorNA: For a factor, onvert NA to a separate level

fitcomp: Component Effects for a Model Fit

fitted.polr: Fitted Values for regr and polr objects

getmeth: get S3 method of a generic function

last: Last Elements of a Vector or of a Matrix

legendr: Add a Legend to a Plot

leverage: Get leverage values

linear.predictors: linear predictors from a (generalized) linear model

logst: Started Logarithmic Transformation

mframe: Multiple Frames for Plotting

modarg: Modify default arguments according to named vector or list

modelTable: Collect results for different regression models

nainf.exclude: Drop Rows Containing NA or Inf

notna: drop NA values from vector

plcoord: Determines Values for Plotting with Limited "Inner" Plot...

plfitpairs: Plot Fitted Values for Multinomial Regression

plmatrix: Scatterplot Matrix

plmboxes: Multibox plots

plot.regr: Diagnostic Plots for Regr Objects

plot.xdistResscale: Illustrate Completeness Test for Regression Model

plres2x: Plot Residuals vs. Two Explanatory Variables

plresx: Plot Residuals Against Explanatory Variables

plTA.polr: Plot Residuals against Fitted Values for polr objects

predict.regr: Prediction Methods for 'regr' Objects

print.regr: Print Method for 'regr' objects

quantilew: Quantiles for weighted observations

quinterpol: Interpolated Quantiles

regr: Fitting Regression Models

regr-internal: Internal regr0 objects

regr-package: Tools for Building Many Kinds of Regression Models

residuals.polr: Residuals of a Binary or Ordered Regression

residuals.survreg: Residuals of a regression for survival data

revGumbel: "Reverse" Gumbel Distribution Functions

robrange: Robust Range of Data

showd: Show a Part of a Data.frame

simresiduals: Simulate Residuals

smoothM: Smooth: wrapper function

smoothRegr: Smoothing function used as a default in regr

stamp: Add a "Stamp", i.e., an Identification Line to a Plot

step.regr: Choose a model in a Stepwise Algorithm

sumna: Count NAs

terms2order: Second Order Terms of a Formula

Tobit: Prepare a Response for a Tobit Model

userOptions: Set and Get User "Session" Options that influence "regr0"s...

warn: List Warnings

xdistResdiff: Residual Differences for Near Replicates: Tabulate and Test

xNA: For quantitative variables, make NAs available


add1.mlm Man page
add1.regr Man page
allcoef Man page
asinp Man page
BR Man page
c.mon Man page
c.months Man page
colorpale Man page
compareTerms Man page
condquant Man page
contr.wsum Man page
c.weekdays Man page
DB Man page
d.blast Man page
d.fossiles Man page
doc Man page
doc<- Man page Man page
drevgumbel Man page
drop1.mlm Man page
drop1.multinom Man page
drop1.regr Man page
drop1Wald Man page
dropdata Man page
d.surveyenvir Man page
extract.AIC.regr Man page
factorNA Man page
fitcomp Man page
fitted.polr Man page
fitted.regr Man page
format.modelTable Man page
getmeth Man page
getUserOption Man page
i.glm Man page
i.lm Man page
i.multinomfit Man page
i.multinomial Man page
i.polr Man page
i.polrfit Man page
IR Man page
is.formula Man page
i.smooth Man page
i.survreg Man page
last Man page
legendr Man page
leverage Man page
linear.predictors Man page
linpred Man page
logst Man page
mframe Man page
modarg Man page
modelTable Man page
[.modelTable Man page
nainf.exclude Man page
nainf.omit Man page
\%nin\% Man page
nna Man page
notna Man page
panelDefault Man page
plcoord Man page
plfitpairs Man page
plmatrix Man page
plmbox Man page
plmboxes Man page
plot.regr Man page
plot.xdistResscale Man page
plres2x Man page
plresx Man page
plTA.polr Man page
predict.mlm Man page
predict.polr Man page
predict.regr Man page
prevgumbel Man page
print.allcoef Man page
print.modelTable Man page
print.mregr Man page
print.regr Man page
qrevgumbel Man page
quantilew Man page
quinterpol Man page
regr Man page
regr-package Man page
residuals.coxph Man page
residuals.polr Man page
residuals.survreg Man page
robrange Man page
rrevgumbel Man page
seldata Man page
showd Man page
simresiduals Man page
simresiduals.default Man page
simresiduals.glm Man page
smoothM Man page
smoothMM Man page
smoothRegr Man page
stamp Man page
step Man page
step.default Man page
step.regr Man page
subset Man page
summary.mregr Man page
summary.regr Man page
sumna Man page
terms2order Man page
tit Man page
tit<- Man page
Tobit Man page
UserDefault Man page
userOptions Man page
UserOptions Man page
warn Man page
xdistResdiff Man page
xdistResscale Man page
xNA Man page

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