Man pages for regr0
Building regression models

allcoefall coefficients of a model fit
asinparc sine Transformation
c.monthsNames of months and weekdays
colorpaledetermine more pale colors for given colors
condquantQuantiles of a Conditional Distribution
contr.wsumcontrasts for zeroing the weighted sum of coefficients
d.blasttremor caused by blasting for excavation of a tunnel, with...
d.fossilesShapes of Shells and Environmental Variables
docDefine and obtain the doc or tit attribute data name/kind ... ~~
drop1.mlmDrop All Possible Single Terms from or Add Terms to a...
drop1.regrDrop All Possible Single Terms from or Add Terms to a Model...
drop1WaldDrop Single Terms of a Model and Calculate Respective Wald...
dropdataDrop Observations from a Data.frame
d.surveyenvirSurvey on Environment
factorNAFor a factor, onvert NA to a separate level
fitcompComponent Effects for a Model Fit
fitted.polrFitted Values for regr and polr objects
getmethget S3 method of a generic function
lastLast Elements of a Vector or of a Matrix
legendrAdd a Legend to a Plot
leverageGet leverage values
linear.predictorslinear predictors from a (generalized) linear model
logstStarted Logarithmic Transformation
mframeMultiple Frames for Plotting
modargModify default arguments according to named vector or list
modelTableCollect results for different regression models
nainf.excludeDrop Rows Containing NA or Inf
notnadrop NA values from vector
plcoordDetermines Values for Plotting with Limited "Inner" Plot...
plfitpairsPlot Fitted Values for Multinomial Regression
plmatrixScatterplot Matrix
plmboxesMultibox plots
plot.regrDiagnostic Plots for Regr Objects
plot.xdistResscaleIllustrate Completeness Test for Regression Model
plres2xPlot Residuals vs. Two Explanatory Variables
plresxPlot Residuals Against Explanatory Variables
plTA.polrPlot Residuals against Fitted Values for polr objects
predict.regrPrediction Methods for 'regr' Objects
print.regrPrint Method for 'regr' objects
quantilewQuantiles for weighted observations
quinterpolInterpolated Quantiles
regrFitting Regression Models
regr-internalInternal regr0 objects
regr-packageTools for Building Many Kinds of Regression Models
residuals.polrResiduals of a Binary or Ordered Regression
residuals.survregResiduals of a regression for survival data
revGumbel"Reverse" Gumbel Distribution Functions
robrangeRobust Range of Data
showdShow a Part of a Data.frame
simresidualsSimulate Residuals
smoothMSmooth: wrapper function
smoothRegrSmoothing function used as a default in regr
stampAdd a "Stamp", i.e., an Identification Line to a Plot
step.regrChoose a model in a Stepwise Algorithm
sumnaCount NAs
terms2orderSecond Order Terms of a Formula
TobitPrepare a Response for a Tobit Model
userOptionsSet and Get User "Session" Options that influence "regr0"s...
warnList Warnings
xdistResdiffResidual Differences for Near Replicates: Tabulate and Test
xNAFor quantitative variables, make NAs available
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