roxygen: Literate Programming in R

A Doxygen-like in-source documentation system for Rd, collation, namespace and callgraphs.

AuthorPeter Danenberg <>, Manuel Eugster <> with contributions from Hadley Wickham <>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerPeter Danenberg <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

assign.parent: Assign a variable in the parent environment when <<-...

caar: Composite car/cdr...

cadar: Composite car/cdr...

caddr: Composite car/cdr...

cadr: Composite car/cdr...

car: First element of a list...

cat.description: Print the field-value pair to a given file or standard out.

cdddr: Composite car/cdr...

cddr: Composite car/cdr...

cdr: Return elements after the first of a list.

Compose: Compose an arbitrary number of functions.

copy.dir: Recursively copy a directory thither; optionally unlinking...

Curry: Pre-specify a procedures named parameters, returning a new...

debug: Convenience function to print variable-value pairs.

description.dependencies: Gather a DESCRIPTION's dependencies from the...

DESCRIPTION.FILE: Whither to copy collate...

DOC.DIR: Whither to install docs...

expression.from.partitum: Extract the expression from the parse tree.

first.non.null: Find the first non-null argument. Pluck name from a hierarchy of candidates; viz.

Identity: Identity function.

include: Collate value parser...

INST.DIR: Whither to copy installables...

is.assignment: Whether the expression implies assignment by <-...

is.even: Is a number even?

is.function.definition: Whether the expression assigns function...

is.nil: Whether a list is empty.

is.null.string: Does the string contain no matter, but very well [:space:]?

is.odd: Is a number odd?

LINE.DELIMITER: Sequence that distinguishes roxygen comment from normal...

make.callgraph.roclet: Make a callgraph roclet which produces a static call graph...

make.collate.roclet: Make collate roclet which parses the given files;...

make.description.parser: Make a parser to parse DESCRIPTION files.

make.namespace.roclet: Make a namespace roclet which parses the given files and...

make.Rd2.roclet: New implementation of the Rd roclet; same functionality as...

make.Rd.roclet: Make an Rd roclet which parses the given files and, if...

make.roclet: Abstract roclet that serves as a rudimentary API.

MAN.DIR: Whither to copy Rds...

MATTER: Anti-anti-words...

NAMESPACE.FILE: Whither to copy namespace...

Negate: Negate a function; borrowed from...

nil: The empty list...

NIL.STRING: Analogue to the empty list...

noop.description: Description parser that does nothing...

nwords: Number of words a string contains.

pairwise: Combine a list into pairwise elements; lists should...

parse.assignee: Find the assignee of the expression... Parse a function call, paying special attention to...

parse.default: Default parser which simply emits the key and expression;...

parse.description: Parse description: the premier part of a roxygen block...

parse.description.file: Convenience function to call...

parse.description.text: Parse lines of text corresponding to a package DESCRIPTION...

parse.element: Parse a raw string containing key and expressions.

parse.error: Centrally formatted error; stopping execution...

parse.file: Parse a source file containing roxygen directives.

parse.files: Parse many files at one.

parse.formals: Find the formal arguments associated with a given...

parse.message: Centrally formatted message... Parse an element containing a single name and only a name;... Parse an element containing a mandatory name...

parse.preref: Resorts to the default parser but with a warning about the...

parser.default: Default parser-lookup; if key not found, return...

parse.ref: Parse either srcrefs, prerefs or pairs of the same.

parse.ref.list: Parse a preref/srcrefs pair...

parse.ref.preref: Parse a preref...

parse.refs: Parse each of a list of preref/srcref pairs.

parser.preref: Preref parser-lookup; defaults to parse...

parse.text: Text-parsing hack using tempfiles for more facility.

parse.toggle: Turn a binary element on; parameters are ignored.

parse.value: Parse an element with a mandatory value.

parse.warning: Centrally formatted warning...

preorder.flatten.expression: Flatten a nested expression into a list, preorderly.

preorder.walk.expression: Recursively walk an expression (as returned by parse) in...

preref.parsers: Preref parser table...

prerefs: Comment blocks (possibly null) that precede a file's...

R.DIR: Whence to copy source code...

Reduce.paste: Ad-hoc abstraction to paste processed list-elements together.

register.parser: Register a parser with a table...

register.parsers: Register many parsers at once.

register.preref.parser: Specifically register a preref parser...

register.preref.parsers: Register many preref parsers at once.

roxygen: No-op for sourceless files...

ROXYGEN.DIR: Whither to copy package...

roxygenize: Process a package with the Rd, namespace and collate roclets.

roxygen-package: Literate Programming in R

SPACE: Absence of words...

strcar: First word in a string.

strcdr: Words after first in a string.

strcons: Join two string.

strmap: Map through the words in a string, joining the mapped...

substr.regexpr: Actually do the substring representation that...

TAG.DELIMITER: Symbol that delimits tags.

trim: Trim [:space:] on both sides of a string.

trim.left: Trim [:space:] to the left of a string.

trim.right: Trim [:space:] to the right of a string.

word.ref: Find the nth word in a string.

zip: Zip n lists together into tuplets of...

zip.c: Zip using c.

zip.list: Zip using list.


a}}, \code{\\alias{b} Man page
aliases Man page
assign.parent Man page
author Man page
caar Man page
cadar Man page
caddr Man page
cadr Man page
callGraph Man page
callGraphDepth Man page
callGraphPrimitives Man page
car Man page
cat.description Man page
cdddr Man page
cddr Man page
cdr Man page
Compose Man page
concept Man page
copy.dir Man page
Curry Man page
debug Man page
description.dependencies Man page
DOC.DIR Man page
example Man page
examples Man page
export Man page
exportClass Man page
exportMethod Man page
exportPattern Man page
expression.from.partitum Man page
first.non.null Man page Man page
Identity Man page
import Man page
importClassesFrom Man page
importFrom Man page
importMethodsFrom Man page
include Man page
INST.DIR Man page
is.assignment Man page
is.even Man page
is.function.definition Man page
is.nil Man page
is.null.string Man page
is.odd Man page
keywords Man page
make.callgraph.roclet Man page
make.collate.roclet Man page
make.description.parser Man page
make.namespace.roclet Man page
make.Rd2.roclet Man page
make.Rd.roclet Man page
make.roclet Man page
MAN.DIR Man page
MATTER Man page
name Man page
Negate Man page
nil Man page
noop.description Man page
nord Man page
note Man page
nwords Man page
pairwise Man page
parse.assignee Man page Man page
parse.default Man page
parse.description Man page
parse.description.file Man page
parse.description.text Man page
parse.element Man page
parse.error Man page
parse.file Man page
parse.files Man page
parse.formals Man page
parse.message Man page Man page Man page
parse.preref Man page
parser.default Man page
parse.ref Man page
parse.ref.list Man page
parse.ref.preref Man page
parse.refs Man page
parse.ref.srcref Man page
parser.preref Man page
parse.text Man page
parse.toggle Man page
parse.value Man page
parse.warning Man page
preorder.flatten.expression Man page
preorder.walk.expression Man page
preref.parsers Man page
prerefs Man page
R.DIR Man page
rdname Man page
Reduce.paste Man page
references Man page
register.parser Man page
register.parsers Man page
register.preref.parser Man page
register.preref.parsers Man page
register.srcref.parser Man page
register.srcref.parsers Man page
return Man page
roxygen Man page
roxygenize Man page
roxygen-package Man page
S3method Man page
seealso Man page
slot Man page
SPACE Man page
strcar Man page
strcdr Man page
strcons Man page
strmap Man page
substr.regexpr Man page
title Man page
trim Man page
trim.left Man page
trim.right Man page
usage Man page
word.ref Man page
zip Man page
zip.c Man page
zip.list Man page


R/roxygenize.R R/parse.R R/Rdtank.R R/callgraph.R R/description.R R/list.R R/Rd2.R R/string.R R/parseS4.R R/collate.R R/namespace.R R/Rdapi.R R/functional.R R/Rdmerge.R R/memoize.R R/aaa.R R/roxygen.R R/roclet.R R/Rd.R
inst/tests/collate/socks.R inst/tests/collate/belt.R inst/tests/collate/watch.R inst/tests/collate/pants.R inst/tests/collate/shoes.R inst/tests/collate/jacket.R inst/tests/collate/tie.R inst/tests/collate/undershorts.R inst/tests/collate/shirt.R inst/tests/test-Rd.R inst/tests/test-collate.R inst/tests/Rd-example-2.R inst/tests/Rd-example-1.R inst/tests/test-namespace.R
inst/doc/pseudoprime/R/fermat.R inst/doc/pseudoprime/R/pseudoprime-package.R inst/doc/pseudoprime/R/pseudoprime.R
man/parse.formals.Rd man/parse.preref.Rd man/Curry.Rd man/make.collate.roclet.Rd man/parser.preref.Rd man/trim.left.Rd man/ man/R.DIR.Rd man/parse.refs.Rd man/INST.DIR.Rd man/parse.description.Rd man/ man/parse.message.Rd man/debug.Rd man/parse.ref.list.Rd man/MATTER.Rd man/parser.default.Rd man/include.Rd man/parse.description.text.Rd man/zip.list.Rd man/NIL.STRING.Rd man/make.namespace.roclet.Rd man/parse.file.Rd man/parse.default.Rd man/expression.from.partitum.Rd man/zip.c.Rd man/is.null.string.Rd man/parse.toggle.Rd man/preorder.flatten.expression.Rd man/cdddr.Rd man/LINE.DELIMITER.Rd man/caar.Rd man/parse.files.Rd man/parse.text.Rd man/Reduce.paste.Rd man/strmap.Rd man/Identity.Rd man/make.callgraph.roclet.Rd man/is.even.Rd man/trim.right.Rd man/strcar.Rd man/is.function.definition.Rd man/make.roclet.Rd man/substr.regexpr.Rd man/make.Rd.roclet.Rd man/DOC.DIR.Rd man/caddr.Rd man/parse.warning.Rd man/Negate.Rd man/SPACE.Rd man/is.nil.Rd man/ROXYGEN.DIR.Rd man/car.Rd man/ man/DESCRIPTION.FILE.Rd man/parse.ref.Rd man/nwords.Rd man/first.non.null.Rd man/cddr.Rd man/parse.description.file.Rd man/register.preref.parser.Rd man/assign.parent.Rd man/parse.ref.preref.Rd man/word.ref.Rd man/nil.Rd man/cadr.Rd man/parse.value.Rd man/roxygen.Rd man/pairwise.Rd man/parse.element.Rd man/make.Rd2.roclet.Rd man/roxygenize.Rd man/strcons.Rd man/parse.assignee.Rd man/preref.parsers.Rd man/ man/prerefs.Rd man/NAMESPACE.FILE.Rd man/description.dependencies.Rd man/cat.description.Rd man/Compose.Rd man/cdr.Rd man/zip.Rd man/parse.error.Rd man/strcdr.Rd man/cadar.Rd man/noop.description.Rd man/is.odd.Rd man/roxygen-package.Rd man/register.preref.parsers.Rd man/trim.Rd man/copy.dir.Rd man/register.parser.Rd man/register.parsers.Rd man/preorder.walk.expression.Rd man/TAG.DELIMITER.Rd man/MAN.DIR.Rd man/is.assignment.Rd man/make.description.parser.Rd

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