make.callgraph.roclet: Make a callgraph roclet which produces a static call graph...

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Make a callgraph roclet which produces a static call graph from a given function at a given depth with or without primitives.


make.callgraph.roclet(dependencies, dir=".", verbose=TRUE)



packages required to evaluate interesting functions


the directory to place the callgraphs in


anounce what we're doing


The callgraph roclet supports the following tags:

  1. @callGraphCreate a call graph of the default depth, excluding primitive functions.

  2. @callGraphPrimitivesCreate a call graph of the default depth, including primitive functions.

  3. @callGraphDepthChange the depth of the callgraph from the default of 2.

The callgraph roclet is awkward in the sense that it requires a function's package to be loadable; which means, like calling LaTeX multiple times, one has to run roxygen on a package, install it, run roxygen again to get the callgraphs, and possibly install the package again.


  • index.html‘index.html’ in ‘inst/doc’ for callgraphs, possibly with thumbnails in png

  • Text-only optionOption for text-only callgraphs (which are clearer, in my opinion)

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