russmisc: A repository for a variety of useful functions.

A respository for a variety of useful functions which may be of interest or otherwise reused. Unless otherwise stated in the function description, all functions are authored by Russell S. Pierce.

AuthorRussell S. Pierce <>
Date of publication2013-07-28 01:32:34
MaintainerRussell S. Pierce <>

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Man pages

aggregateErrorTerms: Calculate the aggregated error term from an aov object

aspect: Solve right-triangles systems involving (monitor) aspect...

aspell_add_word: Add a word to the end of an aspell dictionary Save current plot as a bmp

center: Center a variable

conv2Dto3D: Calculate a real world position of a projected object

conv3Dto2D: Calculate the projection position of a real world object

convertID: Convert Excel Column ID

counterbalance: Get a set of minimially replicated sequences

debackslash: Debackslash

degrees: Convert radians to degrees

dfEffects: Degrees of Freedom and Effects

dist3D: Calculate the distance between two 3D points

droplead0: droplead0

EBR.Table.18.25: Essentials of Behavioral Research: Methods and Data Analysis,...

effectTerms: Extract the main effects and interactions from an aov object

errorTermRatios: Calculate the ratio of error terms from an aov object

errorTerms: Extract the error terms from an aov object

examples213: Examples for Psych 213 taught at University of California,...

factory: Catch errors and warnings and store them for subsequent...

fft.binFreqs: Report the frequencies of the the bins in an FFT

fft.binN: Find the number of FFT bins

fft.binSize: Find the size of an FFT bin

glibrary: Try to load a library, if that fails, install it, then load...

in2m: Convert inches to meters

km2mi: Convert kilometers to miles

latexFigure: Insert a figure in LaTex

latex.p: Format a p-value for LaTex

latinSquareCyclic: Create a cyclic latin square

latinSquareDigram: Create a digram-balanced latin square

lawOfCos: Use the law of sines Use the law of cosines to calculate an...

longframe: Transform a wide dataset into a long dataset.

LScore: Calculate an L score

m2in: Convert meters to inches

MAD: Calculate the median absolute deviation (MAD)

makewave: Make wave

MEANS.STD.CORR: Write out the variables from X in a MPLUS MEANS STD CORR...

mi2km: Convert miles to kilometers

MSE: Calculate the mean squared error

notin: Not in

popscale: Population scale/Z scores

popsd: Calculate the population standard deviation of x Usage...

pythag: Calculate the pythagorean theorem to solve for A, B, or C

r2t: Convert r to a t

radians: Convert degrees to radians

rCounternull: Calcualte the counter null of a correlation coefficient

rScore: Calculate an r score

russmisc-defunct: Defunct function(s) in the russmisc package

russmisc-deprecated: Deprecated function(s) in the russmisc package

russmisc-package: russmisc-package placeholder

russmisc.refresh: Refresh the russmisc package

SSE: Calculate the sum of squared errors

stimsize: Calculate a stimulus size given a visual angle and viewing...

t2r: Convert t to a r

table.png: Print LaTex Table Direction to an Image

tContrast: Conduct a t-contrast

trimval: Trim values Usage trimval(x, tr=.2, na.rm=TRUE)

unfactor: Unfactor a vector

uniquePermutations: Create a unique set of permutations

updateTex: Update a .tex file from .rnw file if needed

useAggregateErrorTerms: Calculate new F and p-values using an aggregated error term...

viewdist: Calculate a viewing distance given a visual angle and...

visangle: Calculate visual angle given a stimulus size and viewing...

visangle3D: Calculate visual angle given a 3D viewer position, stimulus...

visangle3D.l: Helper function for visangle3D to handle lists

widenames: Generate Names for a Wide Stuctured Dataset

winvar: Calculate the winsorized variance of x Usage winvar(x, tr=.2,...

Zmodified: Calculate the Iglewicz and Hoaglin (1993) Z modified

Files in this package

russmisc/R/SimpleData.R russmisc/R/SimpleStats.R
russmisc/R/VisualAngleCalculations.R russmisc/R/Writing.R
russmisc/man/EBR.Table.18.25.Rd russmisc/man/LScore.Rd russmisc/man/MAD.Rd russmisc/man/MEANS.STD.CORR.Rd russmisc/man/MSE.Rd russmisc/man/SSE.Rd russmisc/man/Zmodified.Rd russmisc/man/aggregateErrorTerms.Rd russmisc/man/aspect.Rd russmisc/man/aspell_add_word.Rd russmisc/man/ russmisc/man/center.Rd russmisc/man/conv2Dto3D.Rd russmisc/man/conv3Dto2D.Rd russmisc/man/convertID.Rd russmisc/man/counterbalance.Rd russmisc/man/debackslash.Rd russmisc/man/degrees.Rd russmisc/man/dfEffects.Rd russmisc/man/dist3D.Rd russmisc/man/droplead0.Rd russmisc/man/effectTerms.Rd russmisc/man/errorTermRatios.Rd russmisc/man/errorTerms.Rd russmisc/man/examples213.Rd russmisc/man/factory.Rd russmisc/man/fft.binFreqs.Rd russmisc/man/fft.binN.Rd russmisc/man/fft.binSize.Rd russmisc/man/glibrary.Rd russmisc/man/in2m.Rd russmisc/man/km2mi.Rd russmisc/man/latex.p.Rd russmisc/man/latexFigure.Rd russmisc/man/latinSquareCyclic.Rd russmisc/man/latinSquareDigram.Rd russmisc/man/lawOfCos.Rd russmisc/man/longframe.Rd russmisc/man/m2in.Rd russmisc/man/makewave.Rd russmisc/man/mi2km.Rd russmisc/man/notin.Rd russmisc/man/popscale.Rd russmisc/man/popsd.Rd russmisc/man/pythag.Rd russmisc/man/r2t.Rd russmisc/man/rCounternull.Rd russmisc/man/rScore.Rd russmisc/man/radians.Rd russmisc/man/russmisc-defunct.Rd russmisc/man/russmisc-deprecated.Rd russmisc/man/russmisc-package.Rd russmisc/man/russmisc.refresh.Rd russmisc/man/stimsize.Rd russmisc/man/t2r.Rd russmisc/man/tContrast.Rd russmisc/man/table.png.Rd russmisc/man/trimval.Rd russmisc/man/unfactor.Rd russmisc/man/uniquePermutations.Rd russmisc/man/updateTex.Rd russmisc/man/useAggregateErrorTerms.Rd russmisc/man/viewdist.Rd russmisc/man/visangle.Rd russmisc/man/visangle3D.Rd russmisc/man/visangle3D.l.Rd russmisc/man/widenames.Rd russmisc/man/winvar.Rd

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