russmisc: A repository for a variety of useful functions.

A respository for a variety of useful functions which may be of interest or otherwise reused. Unless otherwise stated in the function description, all functions are authored by Russell S. Pierce.

AuthorRussell S. Pierce <>
Date of publication2013-07-28 01:32:34
MaintainerRussell S. Pierce <>

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Man pages

aggregateErrorTerms: Calculate the aggregated error term from an aov object

aspect: Solve right-triangles systems involving (monitor) aspect...

aspell_add_word: Add a word to the end of an aspell dictionary Save current plot as a bmp

center: Center a variable

conv2Dto3D: Calculate a real world position of a projected object

conv3Dto2D: Calculate the projection position of a real world object

convertID: Convert Excel Column ID

counterbalance: Get a set of minimially replicated sequences

debackslash: Debackslash

degrees: Convert radians to degrees

dfEffects: Degrees of Freedom and Effects

dist3D: Calculate the distance between two 3D points

droplead0: droplead0

EBR.Table.18.25: Essentials of Behavioral Research: Methods and Data Analysis,...

effectTerms: Extract the main effects and interactions from an aov object

errorTermRatios: Calculate the ratio of error terms from an aov object

errorTerms: Extract the error terms from an aov object

examples213: Examples for Psych 213 taught at University of California,...

factory: Catch errors and warnings and store them for subsequent...

fft.binFreqs: Report the frequencies of the the bins in an FFT

fft.binN: Find the number of FFT bins

fft.binSize: Find the size of an FFT bin

glibrary: Try to load a library, if that fails, install it, then load...

in2m: Convert inches to meters

km2mi: Convert kilometers to miles

latexFigure: Insert a figure in LaTex

latex.p: Format a p-value for LaTex

latinSquareCyclic: Create a cyclic latin square

latinSquareDigram: Create a digram-balanced latin square

lawOfCos: Use the law of sines Use the law of cosines to calculate an...

longframe: Transform a wide dataset into a long dataset.

LScore: Calculate an L score

m2in: Convert meters to inches

MAD: Calculate the median absolute deviation (MAD)

makewave: Make wave

MEANS.STD.CORR: Write out the variables from X in a MPLUS MEANS STD CORR...

mi2km: Convert miles to kilometers

MSE: Calculate the mean squared error

notin: Not in

popscale: Population scale/Z scores

popsd: Calculate the population standard deviation of x Usage...

pythag: Calculate the pythagorean theorem to solve for A, B, or C

r2t: Convert r to a t

radians: Convert degrees to radians

rCounternull: Calcualte the counter null of a correlation coefficient

rScore: Calculate an r score

russmisc-defunct: Defunct function(s) in the russmisc package

russmisc-deprecated: Deprecated function(s) in the russmisc package

russmisc-package: russmisc-package placeholder

russmisc.refresh: Refresh the russmisc package

SSE: Calculate the sum of squared errors

stimsize: Calculate a stimulus size given a visual angle and viewing...

t2r: Convert t to a r

table.png: Print LaTex Table Direction to an Image

tContrast: Conduct a t-contrast

trimval: Trim values Usage trimval(x, tr=.2, na.rm=TRUE)

unfactor: Unfactor a vector

uniquePermutations: Create a unique set of permutations

updateTex: Update a .tex file from .rnw file if needed

useAggregateErrorTerms: Calculate new F and p-values using an aggregated error term...

viewdist: Calculate a viewing distance given a visual angle and...

visangle: Calculate visual angle given a stimulus size and viewing...

visangle3D: Calculate visual angle given a 3D viewer position, stimulus...

visangle3D.l: Helper function for visangle3D to handle lists

widenames: Generate Names for a Wide Stuctured Dataset

winvar: Calculate the winsorized variance of x Usage winvar(x, tr=.2,...

Zmodified: Calculate the Iglewicz and Hoaglin (1993) Z modified


aggregateErrorTerms Man page
aspect Man page
aspell_add_word Man page Man page
center Man page
conv2Dto3D Man page
Conv2Dto3D Man page
conv3Dto2D Man page
Conv3Dto2D Man page
convertID Man page
counterbalance Man page
data.EBR.Table.18.25 Man page
data.names Man page
debackslash Man page
degrees Man page
dfEffects Man page
dist3D Man page
dist3D.l Man page
droplead0 Man page
EBR.Table.18.25 Man page
effectTerms Man page
errorTermRatios Man page
errorTerms Man page
examples213 Man page
ezANOVA.EBR.Table.18.25 Man page
factory Man page
fft.binFreqs Man page
fft.binN Man page
fft.binSize Man page
glibrary Man page
hw213.1.I.L Man page
hw213.1.I.W Man page
\%!in\% Man page
in2m Man page
km2mi Man page
latexFigure Man page
latex.p Man page
latinSquareCyclic Man page
latinsquare.digram Man page
latinSquareDigram Man page
lawOfCos Man page
longframe Man page
LScore Man page
m2in Man page
MAD Man page
makewave Man page
mi2km Man page
MSE Man page
notin Man page
popscale Man page
popsd Man page
print.tContrast Man page
product Man page
pythag Man page
r2t Man page
radians Man page
rCounternull Man page
rScore Man page
russmisc Man page
russmisc-defunct Man page
russmisc-deprecated Man page
russmisc-deprecated-package Man page
russmisc-package Man page
russmisc.refresh Man page
sec213.1.II.W Man page
sec213.1.I.L Man page
sec213.1.I.W Man page
sec213.2.L Man page
sec213.2.W Man page
sec213.4.L Man page
SSE Man page
stimsize Man page
t2r Man page
table.png Man page
t.contrast Man page
tContrast Man page
trimval Man page
unfactor Man page
uniquePermutations Man page
updateTex Man page
useAggregateErrorTerms Man page
viewdist Man page
visangle Man page
visangle3D Man page
visangle3D.l Man page
widenames Man page
winvar Man page
Zmodified Man page


R/SimpleData.R R/SimpleStats.R R/TimeSeries.r R/VisualAngleCalculations.R R/Writing.R R/contrasts.r R/counterbalance.r R/deprecated.r R/glibrary.r R/graphics.r R/russmisc-package.r R/util.r
man/EBR.Table.18.25.Rd man/LScore.Rd man/MAD.Rd man/MEANS.STD.CORR.Rd man/MSE.Rd man/SSE.Rd man/Zmodified.Rd man/aggregateErrorTerms.Rd man/aspect.Rd man/aspell_add_word.Rd man/ man/center.Rd man/conv2Dto3D.Rd man/conv3Dto2D.Rd man/convertID.Rd man/counterbalance.Rd man/debackslash.Rd man/degrees.Rd man/dfEffects.Rd man/dist3D.Rd man/droplead0.Rd man/effectTerms.Rd man/errorTermRatios.Rd man/errorTerms.Rd man/examples213.Rd man/factory.Rd man/fft.binFreqs.Rd man/fft.binN.Rd man/fft.binSize.Rd man/glibrary.Rd man/in2m.Rd man/km2mi.Rd man/latex.p.Rd man/latexFigure.Rd man/latinSquareCyclic.Rd man/latinSquareDigram.Rd man/lawOfCos.Rd man/longframe.Rd man/m2in.Rd man/makewave.Rd man/mi2km.Rd man/notin.Rd man/popscale.Rd man/popsd.Rd man/pythag.Rd man/r2t.Rd man/rCounternull.Rd man/rScore.Rd man/radians.Rd man/russmisc-defunct.Rd man/russmisc-deprecated.Rd man/russmisc-package.Rd man/russmisc.refresh.Rd man/stimsize.Rd man/t2r.Rd man/tContrast.Rd man/table.png.Rd man/trimval.Rd man/unfactor.Rd man/uniquePermutations.Rd man/updateTex.Rd man/useAggregateErrorTerms.Rd man/viewdist.Rd man/visangle.Rd man/visangle3D.Rd man/visangle3D.l.Rd man/widenames.Rd man/winvar.Rd

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