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"Suppose our subjects are five female and five male teachers, each assigned a different set of four pupils to teach in a brief instructional situation. Of each of these 10 sets of four pupils, two are female and two are male. Furthermore, one female and one male pupil are designated (at random) to the particular teacher as showing special intellectual promise (high expectancy), but nothing is said of the ramining puipils (low expectancy)". data.EBR.Table.18.25 is the example displayed in Table 18.25 in the refered text is provided her in the long format. ezANOVA.EBR.Table.18.25 is the result of the following ezANOVA function from the package ez: ezANOVA.EBR.Table.18.25 <- ezANOVA(data=pg555,dv=.(Score),within=.(Expectancy,StudentGender),between=.(TeacherGender),wid=.(TeacherID),return_aov=TRUE,type=3)


Included in the package russmisc with the permission of Robert Rosenthal.


Rosenthal & Rosnow. (2008). Essentials of Behavioral Research. Boston: Mc Graw Hill. p 555.

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