sdmo: Species Distribution Modelling (old version)

sdm is an extendable framework to develop species distributions models using individual and community-based approaches, generate ensembles of models, evaluate the models, and predict species potential distributions in space and time.

AuthorBabak Naimi, Miguel B. Araujo
Date of publication2016-03-31 06:40:30
MaintainerBabak Naimi <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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characterORmissing-class Man page
characterORnull-class Man page
CRSorNULL-class Man page
ensemble Man page
ensemble,sdmModel-method Man page
evaluates Man page
evaluates,vector,vector-method Man page
formulaORnull-class Man page
getRoc Man page
getRoc,vector,vector-method Man page
glmSetting Man page
glmSetting,ANY-method Man page
gui Man page
gui,ANY-method Man page
labels,speciesData-method Man page
listORnull-class Man page
multipleSpecies-class Man page
names Man page
names<- Man page
names,multipleSpecies-method Man page
names,singleSpecies-method Man page
names<-,speciesData,character-method Man page
names,SpeciesDataList-method Man page
names<-,speciesData-method Man page
names,speciesData-method Man page
pca Man page
pca,multipleSpecies-method Man page
pca,RasterStackBrick-method Man page
pca,singleSpecies-method Man page
predict Man page
predict,sdmModel-method Man page
read.sdm Man page
read.sdm,character-method Man page
roc Man page
roc,sdmModel-method Man page
sdm Man page
sdm,ANY,singleSpecies,sdmSettings-method Man page
sdmData Man page
sdmData,data.frame,missing,formula-method Man page
sdmData,data.frame,missing,missing-method Man page
sdmData,SpatialPointsDataFrame,missing,ANY-method Man page
sdmData,SpatialPointsDataFrame,Raster,ANY-method Man page
sdmData,SpatialPoints,Raster,ANY-method Man page
sdmEvaluate-class Man page
sdmEvaluates-class Man page
sdm,formula,singleSpecies,character-method Man page
sdmModel-class Man page
sdmSetting Man page
sdmSetting<- Man page
sdmSetting<-,ANY-method Man page
sdmSetting,formula,speciesData,character-method Man page
sdmSetting,missing,speciesData,character-method Man page
sdmSettings-class Man page
show,multipleSpecies-method Man page
show,sdmModel-method Man page
show,singleSpecies-method Man page
show,SpeciesDataList-method Man page
singleSpecies-class Man page
speciesData-class Man page
SpeciesDataList-class Man page
vectorORnull-class Man page
write.sdm Man page
write.sdm,sdmData,character-method Man page
write.sdm,sdmModel,character-method Man page
write.sdm,sdmSettings,character-method Man page

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