Man pages for sharpshootR
A Soil Survey Toolkit

aggregateColorPlotPlot aggregate soil color data
amadorSSURGO Data Associated with the Amador Soil Series
aspect.plotPlot Aspect Data
CDECqueryGet water-related data (California only) from the CDEC...
CDEC.snow.coursesCDEC Snow Course List
CDECsnowQueryGet snow survey data (California only) from the CDEC website.
component.adj.matrixCreate an adjacency matrix from a data.frame of component...
constantDensitySamplingConstant Density Sampling
diagnosticPropertyPlotDiagnostic Property Plot
dist.along.gradCompute Euclidean distance along a gradient.
dueling.dendrogramsDueling Dendrograms
generateLineHashGenerate a unique ID for line segments
hillslope.probabilityHillslope Probability via SDA
joinAdjacencyJoin Document Adjacency
multinominal2logicalConvert multinominal to logical matrix
plotAvailWaterVisual Demontration of Available Soil Water
plotSoilRelationChordGraphVizualize Soil Relationships via Chord Diagram.
plotSoilRelationGraphPlot a component relation graph
plotTransectPlot a collection of Soil Profiles linked to their position...
polygonAdjacencyEvaluate Spatial Adjacency of SpaitialPolygonsDataFrame... a Polygon at Fixed Density
sharpshootR-packageA collection of functions to support soil survey
SoilTaxonomyDendrogramSoil Taxonomy Dendrogram
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