Man pages for spatialwarnings
Spatial Early Warning Signals of Ecosystem Degradation

coarse_grainMatrix coarse-graining
create_indicatorCustom Spatial Early-Warning signals
forestgapA list of binary matrices and their associated parameters
generic_spewsGeneric Spatial Early-Warning signals
indicator_moranMoran's Index at lag of 1
indicator_plrangePower-law range indicator
indicator_psdtypeChange in patch-size distributions types
indicator_sdrSpectral Density Ratio (SDR) indicator
indicator_skewnessSkewness indicator
indicator_varianceSpatial variance indicator
indictestSignificance-assessment of spatial early-warning signals
labelLabelling of unique patches and detection of percolation.
patchdistr_spewsEarly-warning signals based on patch size distributions
patchdistr_spews_plotEarly-warning signals based on patch size distributions
patchdistr_spews_predictpredict method for patchdistr_spews objects
patchsizesGet patch sizes.
raw_moranSpatial correlation at lag 1
serengetiSerengeti dataset
spatialwarningsEarly Spatial-Warnings of Ecosystem Degradation
spectral_spewsSpectrum-based spatial early-warning signals.
xmin_estimEstimate the minimum patch size of a power-law distribution
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