Man pages for sprof
Profiling, timing and optimisation utilities

adjacencysprof to adjacency matix
asfactormodelConvert to factor, like model
barplot_sSorted Bar Plots
edgedfExpand adjacency information to an edge table list to matrix
nodepackageFind a package that may contain a node
nodescloudNodescloud of nodes from profile data
nodesprofileRun length matrix
nodesrunlengthMarginal information for run length from profile
plot_nodesPlot profiling information on node level.
plot_profilesPlot profiling information on profile level.
plot.sprofplot for profiles
plot_stacksPlot profiling information on stack level.
print_profilesPrint profile information
print.sprofprint for profiles
profiles_matrixExtract a node incidence matrix from profile information.
readRprofRead 'Rprof' Output files and Stack Logs
rkindexIndex, based on rank.
roots_sprofRoot nodes list for 'sprof'
rrleRecursive run length encoding.
rrlebRecursive run length encoding bottom up.
sampleRprofGet a sample profile
shownodesShow node information from a profile
sprof01lmsprof sample data
sprof-packagesprof: Analysis of R profiles
stacksasfactorRepresent stacks as factor
stackstoadjStacks to adjacency matrix
str_profstr for sprof objects
summary.sprofSummary for profiles
summary_terminalsTabulate leaf nodes
trimstacksTrim 'sprof' stacks.
updateRprofUpdate statistics and tables in a 'sprof' obejct
writeRprofWrite profile data
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