Man pages for synbreed
Framework for the Analysis of Genomic Prediction Data using R

add.gpDataJoin two 'gpData' objects
add.individualsAdd new individuals to objects of class gpData
add.markersAdd new markers to an object of class gpData
add.pedigreeMerge 'pedigree' object
codeGenoRecode genotypic data, imputation of missing values and...
create.gpDataCreate genomic prediction data object
create.pedigreeCreate pedigree object
crossValCross validation of different prediction models
discard.individualsSubsets for objects of class gpData
discard.markersSubsets for objects of class gpData
Extract.GenMapExtract or replace part of map data.frame
Extract.relationshipMatrixExtract or replace part of relationship matrix
gpData2crossConversion between objects of class 'cross' and 'gpData'
gpData2data.frameMerge of phenotypic and genotypic data
gpModGenomic predictions models for objects of class gpData
kinshipRelatedness based on pedigree or marker data
LDPairwise LD between markers
LDDistLD versus distance Plot
LDMapLD Heatmap
manhattanPlotManhattan plot for SNP effects
MMEMixed Model Equations
plot.genMapPlot marker map
plot.LDdfPlot function for class 'LDdf'
plot.LDmatPlot function for class 'LDmat'
plotNeighbourLDPlot neighbour linkage disequilibrium
plot.pedigreeVisualization of pedigree
plot.relationshipMatrixHeatmap for relationship Matrix
predict.gpModPrediction for genomic prediction models.
read.vcf2listRead data of a vcf-file to a matrix
read.vcf2matrixRead data of a vcf-file to a matrix
simul.pedigreeSimulation of pedigree structure
simul.phenotypeSimulation of a field trial with single trait
summary.cvDataSummary of options and results of the cross validation...
summary.gpDataSummary for class gpData
summary.gpModSummary for class gpMod
summary.LDdfSummary for LD objects
summary.mapSummary of marker map information
summary.pedigreeSummary of pedigree information
summary.relationshipMatrixSummary of relationship matrices
write.beaglePrepare genotypic data for Beagle
write.plinkPrepare data for PLINK
write.relationshipMatrixWriting relationshipMatrix in table format
write.vcfPrepare genotypic data in vcf-Format
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