Man pages for uroot
Unit Root Tests and Graphics for Seasonal Time Series

adfrecst-class"adfrecst" Class
ADF.rectestAugmented Dickey-Fuller Recursive Test
adfstat-class"adfstat" Class
ADF.testAugmented Dickey-Fuller Test
as.numeric-methodsMethods for Function as.numeric in Package 'uroot'
as.vdate-methodsMethods for Function as.vdate in Package 'uroot'
bb3DBuys-Ballot 3D Plot
bbaplotBuys-Ballot Anual Path Plot
bbcnBuys-Ballot Contour Plot
bbplotBuys-Ballot Plot for Seasonal Time Series
chrecst-class"chrecst" Class
CH.rectestCanova-Hansen Recursive Test
chstat-class"chstat" Class
CH.testCanova-Hansen Test
factorsdiffFactor Seasonal Differencing Filter
hegyrecst-class"hegyrecst" Class
HEGY.rectestHylleberg-Engle-Granger-Yoo Recursive Test
hegystat-class"hegystat" Class
HEGY.testHylleberg-Engle-Granger-Yoo Test
kpssrecst-class"kpssrecst" Class
KPSS.rectestKwiatkowski-Phillips-Schmidt-Shin Recursive Test
kpssstat-class"kpssstat" Class
KPSS.testKwiatkowski-Phillips-Schmidt-Shin Test
maybeLags-classClass "maybeLags" ~~~
maybeRegvar-class"maybeRegvar" Class
mccapvMacroeconomic Time Series from the CAPV
mcesMacroeconomic Time Series from the CAPV
mcmiscQuarterly Macroeconomic Time Series Data Set
MdatesDetermine the Location in the Sample of a Date and vice versa
MstsMatrix with Seasonal Data
plotcyclesPlot Long-run and Seasonal Cycles
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package 'uroot' a Summary on the ADF Recursive Test to LaTeX or HTML... a Summary on the CH Recursive Test to LaTeX or HTML File a Summary on the HEGY Recursive Test to LaTeX or HTML... a Summary on the KPSS Recursive Test to LaTeX or HTML...
save.xtable-methodsMethods for Function save.xtable in Package 'uroot'
show-methodsMethods for Function show in Package 'uroot'
stepdate-methodsMethods for Function stepdate in Package 'uroot'
summary-methodsMethods for Function summary in Package 'uroot'
urootguiuroot R-GUI
urt.xtable-methodsMethods for Function urt.xtable in Package 'uroot'
vdate-class"vdate" Class
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