vegsoup: Classes and Methods for Phytosociology

S4 classes for phytosociological data. The classes document community samples, sites data, taxonomy and spatial representation. Methods are provided for data manipulation, multivariate analysis, indicator species analysis and typesetting of LaTex tables.

AuthorRoland Kaiser [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-01-16 12:16:39
MaintainerRoland Kaiser <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abbr: Get Abbreviations used to Encode Species and Layer Replicates

accuracy: Accuracy Statistics for Objects of class VegsoupPartition

apriori: Grouping Variable of 'Vegsoup*' Objects Coerce to data.frame Coercion to '"data.lists"'

as.dendrogram: Dendrograms of Partitions

as.matrix: Retrieve Species Matrix with Specified Storage Mode

barmstein: Test Data Set

berchtesgaden: Grassland survey in National Park Berchtesgaden

bind: Combine 'Vegsoup*' objects

BraunBlanquetReduce: Reduce 9 Point Braun-Blanquet Abundance Scale to 7 Point

coerce: Coerce Methods for 'Vegsoup*' objects

coldiss: Plots of the Dissimilarity Matrix of an Object of class...

colSums: Row and Column Sums for Objects of Class VegsoupData*

combine: Combine taxa

compress: Compress Object and Retain Minimal Information

confusion: Confusionion Matrix for VegsoupPartition Objects

coverscale: Set or Retrieve an Abundance Scale for 'Vegsoup*' Objects

Coverscale-class: Coverscale Class

decostand: Standardization Methods

dim: Number or Rows, Columns, and Cells

elevation: Query Elevation

extract: Indexing to Extract Values of a Vegsoup* Object

fidelity: Calculate Fidelity Values

fill: Matrix fill of species matrix

googletiles: Geocoding Using Tile Map Service Protocol

head: Return the First or Last Part of the Species Matrix

hist: Plot Histogram of Fidelity Values

identical: Intersect plot names

Indpower: Indicator Power of Species

Indspc: Compositional Indicator Species Analysis

intersect: Intersect plot names

Isamic: Indicator Species Analysis to Minimize Intermediate Constancy

isolate: Manually Modifiy Partitions

KML: Write KML Files to Disk

Latex: Typesetting Tables in LaTeX

layer: Return Stratum/Layer

layers: Get or Modify Layers

map: Draw Map of Plot Locations

misc: Utility Functions

multipatt: Methods for Function Multipatt

murdoch: Indicator Species Analysis by Murdoch Preference Function

names: Row and Column Names of 'Vegsoup*' objects

nndist: Nearest Neighbor Distances

optimize: Optimize Partitioning

OptimStride: Compute a Series of Partitions/Clusterings

outlier: Outlier Detection

Partitioning: Partitioning Vector of VegsoupPartition objects

plot: Plotting methods

plotPCO: Plot Principal Coordinates

quantile: Sample Quantiles for a Community Matrix

raster: Extract values from Raster objects

read.XML: Read From TurboVeg XML Files

rectangles: Plot Matrix Dimensions

reshape: Reshape Species Matrix

reverseGeocode: Reverse geocoding

richness: Species Richness

sample: Random Samples and Permutations for 'Vegsoup*' Objects

seriation: Reorder as to Reflect a Vegetation Table

shared: Shared Species

SigFidelity: Experimental Function

sites: Methods for the Sites Slot of 'Vegsoup*' Objects

Sites-class: Sites Class

spatial: Spatial Methods for 'Vegsoup*' Objects

species: Methods to Retrieve or Manipulate Slot Species of 'Vegsoup*'...

Species-class: Species Class

SpeciesTaxonomy: Compare Species Abbreviations to Taxonomic Reference List

SpeciesTaxonomy-class: SpeciesTaxonomy Class

splitAbbr: Deparse Species Layer Replication of 'Vegsoup*' Objects

spread: List Occurences of Species in Partitions

stable: Classification Stability

stack: Stack Species Matrix, Sites Data or Spatial Coordinates

summary-methods: Summary of Object

tables: Constancy and Contingency Tables

taxalist: Species and Relevee Listings

taxon: Get or Subset Object by Scientific Taxon Name

Taxonomy-class: Class Taxonomy

templates: LaTex template files

typical: Typical Samples of an Object of Class Vegsoup*

validate: Partition Quality Assessment for '"VegsoupPartition"' Objects

vegdist: Dissimilarity Matrices from 'Vegsoup*' Objects

Vegsoup: Create an object of class Vegsoup

Vegsoup-class: Class Vegsoup

VegsoupOptimstride-class: VegsoupOptimstride Class

vegsoup-package: An overview of the functions in this package

VegsoupPartition: Partition a Vegsoup object

VegsoupPartition-class: VegsoupPartition Class

VegsoupPartitionFidelity-class: VegsoupPartitionFidelity Class

verbatim: Read or Write Fixed-Column-Width Community Tables From or To...

windsfeld: Alpine Vegetation


[ Man page
$ Man page
$<- Man page
abbr Man page
abbr<- Man page
abbr.layer Man page
abbr.layer,Vegsoup-method Man page
abbr,Species-method Man page
abbr,Taxonomy-method Man page
abbr<-,Vegsoup,Character-method Man page
abbr<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
abbr,Vegsoup-method Man page
accuracy Man page
accuracy,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
accuracy,VegsoupPartition,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
apriori Man page
apriori,Vegsoup-method Man page
as.array Man page
as.array,Vegsoup-method Man page
as.character Man page
as.character,Vegsoup-method Man page Man page,Sites-method Man page,Vegsoup-method Man page Man page,Vegsoup-method Man page
as.dendrogram Man page
as.dendrogram,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
as.dist Man page
as.dist,Vegsoup-method Man page
as.hclust Man page
as.hclust,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
as.logical Man page
as.logical,Vegsoup-method Man page
as.matrix Man page
as.matrix,Vegsoup-method Man page
as.numeric Man page
as.numeric,Vegsoup-method Man page
as.table Man page
as.table,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
as.vector Man page
as.vector,Vegsoup-method Man page
as.vector,Vegsoup,missing-method Man page
as,Vegsoup-method Man page
average Man page
average,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
barmstein Man page
bbox Man page
bbox,Vegsoup-method Man page
berchtesgaden Man page
bind Man page
bind,Sites-method Man page
bind,Species-method Man page
bind,SpeciesTaxonomy-method Man page
bind,Taxonomy-method Man page
bind,Vegsoup-method Man page
bind,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
BraunBlanquetReduce Man page
BraunBlanquetReduce,Vegsoup-method Man page
castFooter Man page
$<-,character,ANY-method Man page
$,character-method Man page
coenoflex Man page
coerce Man page
coerce,list,Coverscale-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,array-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,data.list-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,dist-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,dsparseMatrix-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,list-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,matrix-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,mefa-method Man page
coerce,Vegsoup,sparseMatrix-method Man page
coldiss Man page
coldiss,Vegsoup-method Man page
colMeans Man page
colMeans,Vegsoup-method Man page
colnames Man page
colnames,Vegsoup-method Man page
colSums Man page
colSums,Vegsoup-method Man page
combine Man page
compass Man page
compress Man page
compress,Vegsoup-method Man page
compspec Man page
compspec,Vegsoup-method Man page
configure Man page
confusion Man page
confusion,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
confusion,VegsoupPartition,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
constancy Man page
constancy,Vegsoup-method Man page
constancy,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
contingency Man page
contingency,Vegsoup-method Man page
contingency,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
coordinates Man page
coordinates<- Man page
coordinates,Sites-method Man page
coordinates<-,Vegsoup,ANY-method Man page
coordinates<-,Vegsoup,CRS-method Man page
coordinates<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
coordinates,Vegsoup-method Man page
coverscale Man page
coverscale<- Man page
Coverscale Man page
Coverscale-class Man page
coverscale<-,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
coverscale<-,Vegsoup,Coverscale-method Man page
coverscale<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
coverscale,Vegsoup-method Man page
decode Man page
decostand Man page
decostand<- Man page
decostand<-,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
decostand<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
decostand,Vegsoup-method Man page
decostand<-,Vegsoup,NULL-method Man page
decostand<-,VegsoupPartition,character-method Man page
decostand<-,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
decostand<-,VegsoupPartition,NULL-method Man page
dim Man page
dimnames Man page
dimnames,Species-method Man page
dimnames,Vegsoup-method Man page
dim,Vegsoup-method Man page
disdiam Man page
disdiam-methods Man page
disdiam,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
distconnected Man page
distconnected,Vegsoup-method Man page
elevation Man page
elevation,Vegsoup-method Man page
ellipsoidhull Man page
ellipsoidhull,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
extent Man page
extent,Vegsoup-method Man page
extract Man page
Extract Man page
extract,Raster,Vegsoup-method Man page
extract,Vegsoup-method Man page
fidelity Man page
fidelity,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
fill Man page
fill,Vegsoup-method Man page
FisherTest Man page
FisherTest,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
getK Man page
getK,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
getK,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
getStat Man page
getStat,VegsoupPartitionFidelity-method Man page
hcr Man page
hcr,Vegsoup-method Man page
hcr,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
head Man page
header Man page
head,Vegsoup-method Man page
head,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
hist Man page
hist,Vegsoup-method Man page
hist,VegsoupPartitionFidelity-method Man page
hist,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
identical Man page
identical,Sites,Species-method Man page
identical,Species,Sites-method Man page
identical,Species,Taxonomy-method Man page
identical,SpeciesTaxonomy,Sites-method Man page
indices Man page
indices,Vegsoup-method Man page
Indpower Man page
Indpower,Vegsoup-method Man page
Indval Man page
Indval,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
instantsoup Man page
intersect Man page
intersect,Sites,Species-method Man page
intersect,Species,Sites-method Man page
intersect,Species,Taxonomy-method Man page
intersect,SpeciesTaxonomy,Sites-method Man page
isamic Man page
isamic-methods Man page
isamic,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
is.continuous Man page
is.continuous,Coverscale-method Man page
is.continuous,Vegsoup-method Man page
is.occurence Man page
is.occurence,Coverscale-method Man page
is.occurence,Vegsoup-method Man page
isolate Man page
isolate,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
is.ordinal Man page
is.ordinal,Coverscale-method Man page
is.ordinal,Vegsoup-method Man page
KML Man page
KML,Vegsoup-method Man page
KML,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
Latex Man page
Latex,VegsoupPartitionFidelity-method Man page
Latex,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
latlng2tile Man page
layer Man page
layernumber Man page
layernumber,Vegsoup-method Man page
layers Man page
layers<- Man page
layers<-,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
layers<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
layers,Vegsoup-method Man page
layer,Vegsoup-method Man page
method Man page
method,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
Multipatt-methods Man page
Multipatt,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
murdoch Man page
murdoch-methods Man page
murdoch,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
names Man page
names<- Man page
names<-,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
names<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
names,Vegsoup-method Man page
ncell Man page
ncell,Vegsoup-method Man page
ncol Man page
ncol,Vegsoup-method Man page
nndist Man page
nndist,Vegsoup-method Man page
nrow Man page
nrow,Sites-method Man page
nrow,Species-method Man page
nrow,Taxonomy-method Man page
nrow,Vegsoup-method Man page
optimclass1 Man page
optimclass1,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
optimclass2 Man page
optimclass2,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
OptimStride Man page
optindval Man page
optindval-methods Man page
optindval,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
optsil Man page
optsil-methods Man page
optsil,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
outlier Man page
outlier,Vegsoup-method Man page
over Man page
over,Vegsoup-method Man page
over,Vegsoup,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-method Man page
partana Man page
partana-methods Man page
partana,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
partition Man page
[,partition,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
partitioning Man page
partitioningCombinations Man page
partitioningCombinations,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
partitioningMatrix Man page
partitioningMatrix,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
partitioning,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
partitions Man page
partitions,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
partition,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
peaks Man page
peaks,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
Phi Man page
Phi,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
plainsoup Man page
plot-methods Man page
plotPCO Man page
plot,Vegsoup,missing-method Man page
plot,VegsoupOptimstride,missing-method Man page
plot,VegsoupPartition,missing-method Man page
preamble Man page
proj4string Man page
proj4string<- Man page
proj4string<-,Vegsoup,CRS-method Man page
proj4string<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
proj4string,Vegsoup-method Man page
quantile Man page
quantile,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
quicklook Man page
quicklook,Vegsoup-method Man page
read.verbatim Man page
read.verbatim.append Man page
read.XML Man page
rectangles Man page
rectangles,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
relevee Man page
relevee-methods Man page
relevee,Vegsoup-method Man page
reorder Man page
reorder,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
reshapeSpecies Man page
reverseGeocode Man page
reverseGeocode,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
reverseGeocode,Vegsoup-method Man page
richness Man page
richness,Species-method Man page
richness,Vegsoup-method Man page
richness,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
rowMeans Man page
rowMeans,Vegsoup-method Man page
rownames Man page
row.names Man page
row.names<- Man page
rownames<- Man page
row.names<-,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
rownames<-,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
row.names<-,Vegsoup,integer-method Man page
rownames<-,Vegsoup,integer-method Man page
row.names<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
row.names,Vegsoup-method Man page
rownames<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
rownames,Vegsoup-method Man page
rownames<-,Vegsoup,missing,missing-method Man page
rownames,Vegsoup,missing,missing-method Man page
rowSums Man page
rowSums,Vegsoup-method Man page
sample Man page
sample,Vegsoup-method Man page
seriation Man page
seriation,Vegsoup-method Man page
seriation,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
shapeSpecies Man page
shared Man page
shared,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
SigFidelity Man page
SigFidelity,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
silhouette Man page
silhouette,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
singleton Man page
singletons Man page
sites Man page
sites<- Man page
[,Sites,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
sites,bind-method Man page
sites,character-method Man page
Sites-class Man page
sites,data.frame-method Man page
sites,matrix-method Man page
sites-method Man page
$<-,Sites-method Man page
$,Sites-method Man page
sites,Sites-method Man page
sites<-,Vegsoup,data.frame-method Man page
sites<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
sites,Vegsoup-method Man page
sites,VegsoupVerbatim-method Man page
SpatialPointsVegsoup Man page
SpatialPointsVegsoup,Vegsoup-method Man page
SpatialPolygonsVegsoup Man page
SpatialPolygonsVegsoup,Vegsoup-method Man page
species Man page
species<- Man page
[,Species,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
species,character-method Man page
Species-class Man page
species,data.frame-method Man page
species,matrix-method Man page
$<-,Species-method Man page
$,Species-method Man page
species<-,Species,data.frame-method Man page
species,Species-method Man page
species<-,SpeciesTaxonomy,data.frame-method Man page
species,SpeciesTaxonomy-method Man page
species<-,SpeciesTaxonomy,Species-method Man page
SpeciesTaxonomy Man page
[,SpeciesTaxonomy,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
SpeciesTaxonomy-class Man page
$,SpeciesTaxonomy-method Man page
species<-,Vegsoup,data.frame-method Man page
species<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
species,Vegsoup-method Man page
species<-,Vegsoup,Species-method Man page
species<-,Vegsoup,SpeciesTaxonomy-method Man page
species,VegsoupVerbatim-method Man page
splitAbbr Man page
splitAbbr,Vegsoup-method Man page
spread Man page
spread-methods Man page
spread,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
spTransform Man page
spTransform,Vegsoup-method Man page
stable Man page
stable,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
stack Man page
stackCoordinates Man page
stackSites Man page
stackSpecies Man page
str2latlng Man page
stride Man page
stride,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
subset Man page
subset,Vegsoup-method Man page
summary Man page
summary-methods Man page
summary,Vegsoup-method Man page
summary,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
summary,VegsoupOptimstride-methods Man page
summary,VegsoupPartitionFidelity-method Man page
summary,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
tabdev Man page
tabdev-methods Man page
tabdev,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
tail Man page
tail,Vegsoup-method Man page
taxalist Man page
taxalist-methods Man page
taxalist,Vegsoup-method Man page
taxon Man page
taxonomy Man page
taxonomy<- Man page
[,Taxonomy,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
taxonomy,character-method Man page
Taxonomy-class Man page
taxonomy,data.frame-method Man page
taxonomy,matrix-method Man page
$,Taxonomy-method Man page
taxonomy<-,SpeciesTaxonomy,data.frame-method Man page
taxonomy,SpeciesTaxonomy-method Man page
taxonomy<-,SpeciesTaxonomy,Species-method Man page
taxonomy<-,SpeciesTaxonomy,Taxonomy-method Man page
taxonomy,Taxonomy-method Man page
taxonomy,Vegsoup-method Man page
taxonomy<-,Vegsoup,SpeciesTaxonomy-method Man page
taxon,Vegsoup-method Man page
template Man page
threshold Man page
threshold,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
tile2latlng Man page
typical Man page
typical,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
variable Man page
variable<- Man page
variables Man page
variable<-,Sites,character,ANY-method Man page
variable<-,Sites,character-method Man page
variable,Sites-method Man page
variables,Sites-method Man page
vegdist Man page
vegdist<- Man page
vegdist<-,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
vegdist<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
vegdist,Vegsoup-method Man page
vegdist<-,VegsoupPartition,character-method Man page
vegdist<-,VegsoupPartition-method Man page
vegsoup Man page
Vegsoup Man page
[,Vegsoup,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
$<-,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
$,Vegsoup,character-method Man page
Vegsoup-class Man page
[,Vegsoup-method Man page
$<-,Vegsoup-method Man page
$,Vegsoup-method Man page
VegsoupOptimstride-class Man page
vegsoup-package Man page
VegsoupPartition Man page
[,VegsoupPartition,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
VegsoupPartition-class Man page
VegsoupPartitionFidelity-class Man page
verbatim Man page
whatshere2lnglat Man page
which.max Man page
which.max,VegsoupOptimstride-method Man page
windsfeld Man page
write.verbatim Man page
write.verbatim,Vegsoup-method Man page
write.verbatim,VegsoupPartition-method Man page


R/AAA.R R/Class-Coverscale.R R/Class-Sites.R R/Class-Species.R R/Class-SpeciesTaxonomy.R R/Class-Taxonomy.R R/Class-Vegsoup.R R/Class-VegsoupOptimstride.R R/Class-VegsoupPartition.R R/Class-VegsoupPartitionFidelity.R R/Coverscale-Methods.R R/Coverscale-VegsoupMethods.R R/Indval.R R/KML.R R/Latex.R R/OptimStride.R R/Phi.R R/Sites-methods.R R/Species-methods.R R/SpeciesTaxonomy-Methods.R R/SpeciesTaxonomy.R R/Taxonomy-methods.R R/Vegsoup-Import.R R/Vegsoup-Internal.R R/Vegsoup-OutputMethods.R R/Vegsoup-RasterMethods.R R/Vegsoup-SpatialMethods.R R/Vegsoup-VisualisationMethods.R R/Vegsoup.R R/VegsoupOptimstride-BaseMethods.R R/VegsoupOptimstride-VisualisationMethods.R R/VegsoupPartition-BaseMethods.R R/VegsoupPartition-ClassificationStabilityMethods.R R/VegsoupPartition-FidelityMethods.R R/VegsoupPartition-OutputMethods.R R/VegsoupPartition-OutputMethodsMore.R R/VegsoupPartition-VisualisationMethods.R R/VegsoupPartition.R R/VegsoupPartitionFidelity-BaseMethods.R R/ZZZ.R R/accuracy.R R/as.coenocline.Vegsoup.R R/ R/as.dendrogram.R R/as.dist.R R/as.matrix.R R/average.R R/bind.R R/castFooter.R R/coenoflex.R R/coerce.R R/coldiss.R R/combine.R R/compress.R R/confusion.R R/constancy.R R/contingency.R R/decostand.R R/dim.R R/disdiam.R R/elevation.R R/ellipsoidhull.R R/extract.R R/fidelity.R R/fisher.test.R R/fivenum.R R/googletiles.R R/grouping.R R/identical.R R/indpower.R R/indspc.R R/instantsoup.R R/intersect.R R/isamic.R R/isolate.R R/layers.R R/misc.R R/murdoch.R R/names.R R/optimize.R R/outlier.R R/over.R R/partition.R R/plainsoup.R R/plot.R R/quantile.R R/quicklook.R R/read.XML.R R/read.verbatim.R R/rectangles.R R/reorder.R R/reshape.R R/reverseGeocode.R R/richness.R R/rowSums.R R/sample.R R/seriation.R R/shared.R R/show.R R/silhouette.R R/sites.R R/species.R R/spread.R R/stable.R R/stack.coordinates.R R/stack.sites.R R/stack.species.R R/stride.R R/table.R R/taxon.R R/taxonomy.R R/templates.R R/typical.R R/validate.R R/vegdist.R R/verbatim.R R/write.verbatim.R
man/BraunBlanquetReduce.Rd man/Coverscale-class.Rd man/Indpower.Rd man/Indspc.Rd man/Isamic.Rd man/KML.Rd man/Latex.Rd man/OptimStride.Rd man/Partitioning.Rd man/SigFidelity.Rd man/Sites-class.Rd man/Species-class.Rd man/SpeciesTaxonomy-class.Rd man/SpeciesTaxonomy.Rd man/Taxonomy-class.Rd man/Vegsoup-class.Rd man/Vegsoup.Rd man/VegsoupOptimstride-class.Rd man/VegsoupPartition-class.Rd man/VegsoupPartition.Rd man/VegsoupPartitionFidelity-class.Rd man/abbr.Rd man/accuracy.Rd man/apriori.Rd man/ man/ man/as.dendrogram.Rd man/as.matrix.Rd man/barmstein.Rd man/berchtesgaden.Rd man/bind.Rd man/coerce.Rd man/colSums.Rd man/coldiss.Rd man/combine.Rd man/compress.Rd man/confusion.Rd man/coverscale.Rd man/decostand.Rd man/dim.Rd man/elevation.Rd man/extract.Rd man/fidelity.Rd man/fill.Rd man/googletiles.Rd man/head.Rd man/hist.Rd man/identical.Rd man/intersect.Rd man/isolate.Rd man/layer.Rd man/layers.Rd man/map.Rd man/misc.Rd man/multipatt.Rd man/murdoch.Rd man/names.Rd man/nndist.Rd man/optimize.Rd man/outlier.Rd man/plot.Rd man/plotPCO.Rd man/quantile.Rd man/raster.Rd man/read.XML.Rd man/rectangles.Rd man/reshape.Rd man/reverseGeocode.Rd man/richness.Rd man/sample.Rd man/seriation.Rd man/shared.Rd man/sites.Rd man/spatial.Rd man/species.Rd man/splitAbbr.Rd man/spread.Rd man/stable.Rd man/stack.Rd man/summary-methods.Rd man/tables.Rd man/taxalist.Rd man/taxon.Rd man/templates.Rd man/typical.Rd man/validate.Rd man/vegdist.Rd man/vegsoup-package.Rd man/verbatim.Rd man/windsfeld.Rd
tests/base.R tests/plot.R tests/profile.R tests/vegdata.R

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