yapomif: Yet another package of misc functions

Useful functions of different kinds

AuthorLuca Braglia
Date of publication2014-03-26 20:29:40
MaintainerLuca Braglia <lbraglia@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>=2)

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Man pages

add_grid: Add grid to a plot

avg_surv: Model-based adjusted survival curves.

censor_at: Censore time to event end point at a certain time.

Class: Extract class smartly from more complex data object rather...

cramer_v: Cramer's V calculator.

da: Calculate diagnostic accuracy measures for binary measures...

da_at_cutoff: Calculate diagnostic accuracy measures for several cutoffs of...

dadb: Generate a data.frame of diagnostic accuracy study.

date_mdy: Create a 'Date' from month, day and year.

days: Extract numeric days of month from a Date, POSIXct or POSIXlt...

days_to_months: Trivial function that converts number of days in number of...

days_to_weeks: Trivial function that converts number of days in number of...

days_to_years: Trivial function that converts number of days in number of...

dir_clean: Remove all files in a directory.

encapsulate: Encapsulate text between margins.

enSummary: summary with sd

export: Export results various type of results in tab delimited...

export_coxph: Export coxph summary and proportional hazard test

getAccessTable: Retrieve an MS Access (R) table from an mdb or accdb file.

getExcelSheet: Retrieve an MS Excel (R) sheet from an xls or xlsx file.

graph: Open a vectorial device file in a portable way.

hours: Extract numeric hours of month from a POSIXct or POSIXlt...

inches: Translates from cm (centimeters) to inches.

km: Plots an 'enhanced' Kaplan-Meier plot, with base graphics...

make_path: Path-function generator.

minutes: Extract numeric minutes of month from a POSIXct or POSIXlt...

months: Extract numeric months of the year from a Date, POSIXct or...

not-in: Not in

pairs_with_lowess: Scatterplot Matrices with a lowess smoother

pretty_pval: Pretty print for p-values

quick_roc: A quick roc plot.

recode: Vector recode utility

show_col: Show R colors for graphics and grid package

show_pch: Show pch

Table: Cross tabulation and table creation

tteep: Common time to event end-points calculator.

univTable: Univariate table with absolute, relative, cumulative...

write_delim: Write a tab separated file with "." as decimal separator.

write_delim2: Write a tab separated file with "," as decimal separator.

xtile: Cut numeric x in quantile

yapomif-package: Yet another package of misc functions.

years: Extract numeric years from a Date, POSIXct or POSIXlt vector.

Files in this package

yapomif/R/Class.R yapomif/R/Table.R yapomif/R/add_grid.R yapomif/R/avg_surv.R yapomif/R/censor_at.R yapomif/R/cramer_v.R yapomif/R/da.R yapomif/R/da_at_cutoff.R yapomif/R/dadb.R yapomif/R/date_mdy.R yapomif/R/days.R yapomif/R/days_to_months.R yapomif/R/days_to_weeks.R yapomif/R/days_to_years.R yapomif/R/dir_clean.R yapomif/R/enSummary.R
yapomif/R/export.R yapomif/R/getAccessTable.R yapomif/R/getExcelSheet.R yapomif/R/graph.R yapomif/R/hours.R yapomif/R/inches.R yapomif/R/km.R yapomif/R/make_path.R yapomif/R/minutes.R yapomif/R/months.R yapomif/R/not-in.R yapomif/R/pairs_with_lowess.R yapomif/R/pretty_pval.R yapomif/R/quick_roc.R yapomif/R/recode.R yapomif/R/show_col.R yapomif/R/show_pch.R yapomif/R/tteep.R yapomif/R/univTable.R yapomif/R/write_delim.R yapomif/R/write_delim2.R yapomif/R/xtile.R yapomif/R/years.R
yapomif/man/Class.Rd yapomif/man/Table.Rd yapomif/man/add_grid.Rd yapomif/man/avg_surv.Rd yapomif/man/censor_at.Rd yapomif/man/cramer_v.Rd yapomif/man/da.Rd yapomif/man/da_at_cutoff.Rd yapomif/man/dadb.Rd yapomif/man/date_mdy.Rd yapomif/man/days.Rd yapomif/man/days_to_months.Rd yapomif/man/days_to_weeks.Rd yapomif/man/days_to_years.Rd yapomif/man/dir_clean.Rd yapomif/man/enSummary.Rd yapomif/man/encapsulate.Rd yapomif/man/export.Rd yapomif/man/export_coxph.Rd yapomif/man/getAccessTable.Rd yapomif/man/getExcelSheet.Rd yapomif/man/graph.Rd yapomif/man/hours.Rd yapomif/man/inches.Rd yapomif/man/km.Rd yapomif/man/make_path.Rd yapomif/man/minutes.Rd yapomif/man/months.Rd yapomif/man/not-in.Rd yapomif/man/pairs_with_lowess.Rd yapomif/man/pretty_pval.Rd yapomif/man/quick_roc.Rd yapomif/man/recode.Rd yapomif/man/show_col.Rd yapomif/man/show_pch.Rd yapomif/man/tteep.Rd yapomif/man/univTable.Rd yapomif/man/write_delim.Rd yapomif/man/write_delim2.Rd yapomif/man/xtile.Rd yapomif/man/yapomif-package.Rd yapomif/man/years.Rd

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