Man pages for ACME
Algorithms for Calculating Microarray Enrichment (ACME)

ACMECalcSet-classClass "ACMECalcSet"
ACMESet-classClass "ACMESet"
aGFFCalc-classClass "aGFFCalc"
aGFF-classClass for storing GFF-like data
do.aGFF.calcPerform ACME calculation
example.agffAn example ACME data structure of class ACMESet
findClosestGeneFind closest refseq gene
findRegionsFind all regions in data above p-value threshold
genericsGenerics defined within ACME
getRefflatGet the refflat table from ucsc for the given genome
read.resultsGFFRead Nimblegen GFF files
write.bedGraphWrite bedGraph format tracks for UCSC genome browser
write.sgrWrite Affy IGB .sgr format files
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