Man pages for BEARscc
BEARscc (Bayesian ERCC Assesstment of Robustness of Single Cell Clusters)

analysis_examplesBEARscc downstream example objects.
BEARscc_examplesExample data for BEARscc.
BEARscc-packageBEARscc (Bayesian ERCC Assesstment of Robustness of Single...
cluster_consensusCluster the consensus matrix.
compute_consensusCompute consensus matrix.
estimate_noiseparametersEstimates noise in single cell data.
report_cell_metricsReports BEARscc metrics for cells.
report_cluster_metricsReports BEARscc metrics for clusters.
simulate_replicatesComputes 'BEARscc' simulated technical replicates.
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