Man pages for CAMERA
Collection of annotation related methods for mass spectrometry data

annotateDiffreportAutomatic deconvolution/annotation of LC/ESI-MS data
annotate-methodsAutomatic deconvolution/annotation of LC/ESI-MS data
calcCaS-methodsEIC correlation grouping of LC/ESI-MS data
calcCiS-methodsCalculate peak distance matrix after EIC correlation
calcIsotopes-methodsCalculate isotope distance matrix from xsAnnotate object
calcPC.hcs-methodsPeakclustering into pseudospectra with the highly connected...
calcPC.lpc-methodsPeakclustering into pseudospectra with the...
calcPC-methodsPeakclustering into pseudospectra according to a distance...
cleanParallelCleans up with spawned slave processes after use
combinexsAnnosCheck CAMERA ion species annotation due to matching with...
compoundLibrariesThe supported compound databases
compoundQuantilescompoundQuantiles constructor
compoundQuantiles-classClass compoundQuantiles encapsulates compound statistics from...
findAdducts-methodsCalculate Adducts and Annotate LC/ESI-MS Spectra
findIsotopes-methodsDeconvolute/Annotate LC/ESI-MS data
findIsotopesWithValidation-methodsDeconvolute/Annotate LC/ESI-MS data
findKendrickMassesFind specfic mass defects using Kendrick mass scales
findNeutralLossFind pseudospectra that contains a specific neutral loss
findNeutralLossSpecsFind pseudospectra that contains a specific neutral loss
getAllPeakEICs-methodsGenerate EIC information from raw data
getAtomCount-compoundQuantiles-methodThe number of atoms of the given element
getIsotopeClusterRetrieve the annotatad isotopes
getIsotopeProportion-compoundQuantiles-methodThe proportion of the intensities of two isotope peaks
getPeaklist-methodsGenerate the annotatad peaklist
getpspectraRetrieve a peaklist of one or more pseudospectra
getReducedPeaklist-methodsGenerate reduced peaklist from the annotatad peaklist
groupCorr-methodsEIC correlation grouping of LC/ESI-MS data
groupDen-methodsDensity-Grouping of LC/ESI-MS data
groupFWHM-methodsFWHM-Grouping of LC/ESI-MS data
massWindowSizesThe supported mass window sizes
mm14Extract of marker mixture 14 LC/MS data
plotEIC.xsAnnotatePlot extracted ion chromatograms from (multiple)...
plotPsSpectrum.xsAnnotatePlot a Pseudospectrum
psDist-methodsDistance methods for xsAnnotate
pspec2metfragExport the putative fragments as MetFrag query files
ruleSet-classClass 'ruleSet'
xsAnnotatexsAnnotate constructor for an provided xcmsSet object
xsAnnotate-classClass xsAnnotate, a class for annotated peak data
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