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Cluster peaks from an xsAnnotate object into pseudospectra



xsAnnotate object


Weighted symbolic edge list as four column matrix ("x","y","cor","ps"). Columns x,y are peak indices, cor the edge value and ps the pseudospectrum index, where both peaks occur.


additional vector ps pseudospectra indices, which are used in the clustering. If set to NULL all pseudospectra will be processed.


In some cases, is the peak grouping after retentiontime with groupFWHM not enough to separate co-elution compounds. Therefore groupCorr use additional correlation analysis to achieve a separation. calcPC is part of this approach, which takes the calculated weighted edge list and performs the graph clustering. It returns an xsAnnotate object with further separated pseudospectra.


object = "xsAnnotate"

calcPC.hcs(object, ajc=NULL, psg_list=NULL)


Carsten Kuhl,

See Also

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