Man pages for CAnD
Perform Chromosomal Ancestry Differences (CAnD) Analyses

ancestriesSample Chromosomal Proportions of Ancestral Subpopulations to...
barPlotAncestCreate a Barplot of Ancestry Proportion Estimates for Every...
BonfCorr-method~~ Methods for Function 'BonfCorr' ~~
calc_combPCalculate the Combined CAnD Test Statistic P-value
CAnDPeform the CAnD Test
CAnDResult-classClass '"CAnDResult"'
getDiffMatricesCalculate the Mean Ancestry Proportion Excluding Each...
overallpValue-method~~ Methods for Function 'overallpValue' ~~
overallStatistic-method~~ Methods for Function 'overallStatistic' ~~
plotPvalsCreate a Plot of P-Values for Each Chromosome or Chromosomal...
pValues-method~~ Methods for Function 'pValues' ~~
test-method~~ Methods for Function 'test' ~~
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