Man pages for ChromHeatMap
Heat map plotting by genome coordinate

ALLs.chr22Chromosome 22 subset of ALL data for ALL1/AF4 and E2A/PBX1
chrdataThe ALLs.chr22 ExpressionSet, reformatted as a ChrStrandData...
chrHeatMapPlot ChrStrandMatrix objects as heat maps along a chromosome
ChrMapPlot-classClass containing a mapping between plot location and probe or...
chrNamesRetrieve chromosome names from an object.
ChrStrandData-classClass to contain data associated with chromosome coordinates...
ChrStrandMatrix-classClass to contain data associated with genome locations for a...
createChrMatrixGenerate chromosome-based subset matrices from the mapped...
cytobandsCytoband location information
drawMapDendroDraw a heatmap and dendrogram for a strand-specific data...
grabChrMapProbesIdentify the probes or genes plotted using plotChrMap
makeChrStrandDataMap a data matrix onto chromosome coordinates
makeChrStrandData-methodsMap a data matrix onto chromosome coordinates
makeRangedDataListPlot expression data as tracks in the UCSC genome browser
plotChrMapPlot data as an annotated heat map along a chromosome
stainsCytoband display information
strandNameRetrieve strand information from a ChrStrandMatrix object.
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