API for CoRegNet
CoRegNet : reconstruction and integrated analysis of co-regulatory networks

Global functions
CHEA_sub Man page
CIT_BLCA_Subgroup Man page
ENCODE_sub Man page
HIPPIE_sub Man page
HumanTF Man page
HumanTF_entrezgene Man page
STRING_sub Man page
activators Man page
activators,coregnet-method Man page
adaptiveCoregSupport Source code
addCooperativeEvidences Man page
addCooperativeEvidences,coregnet-method Man page
addEvidences Man page
addEvidences,coregnet-method Man page
addOneCoRegulatoryEvidence Source code
addOneRegulatoryEvidence Source code
addRegulationEvidence Source code
addRegulatorCooperativityEvidence Source code
as.data.frame,coregnet-method Man page
as.list,coregnet-method Man page
automaticParameters Source code
coRegnet Man page
coRegnet-package Man page
coerce,coregnet-method Man page
coerce,coregnet-method,data.frame Man page
coerce,coregnet-method,list Man page
coregnet Man page Source code
coregnet-class Man page
coregnetToDataframe Man page
coregnetToDataframe,coregnet-method Man page
coregnetToList Man page
coregnetToList,coregnet-method Man page
coregnetToList.CoRegNet Man page
coregnetToList.coregnet Man page
coregulators Man page
coregulators,coregnet-method Man page
descriptionUpdate Source code
dim,coregnet-method Man page
directedNetworkEnrichment Source code
discretizeExpressionData Man page Source code
display Man page Source code
distfun Source code
eand Source code
fishersMethod Source code
fitGRN Source code
getEntry Source code
hLICORN Man page Source code
hclustfun Source code
heatplot Source code
legendPlot Source code
length,coregnet-method Man page
list.enriched Source code
masterRegulator Man page Source code
masterRegulator,coregnet-method Man page
meanSupport Source code
merge.pvalues Source code
netintersect Source code
networkLegendPlot Source code
nvlist Source code
oneGeneHLICORN Source code
parallelRegulationEvidence Source code
parallelRegulatorCooperativityEvidence Source code
print,coregnet-method Man page
printNetwork Source code
quicknonuniqgrnsTOSIGRNS Source code
reactiveAdjacencyMatrix Source code
redoLayout Source code
refine Man page
refine,coregnet-method Man page
regulationEvidence Source code
regulatorCooperativityEvidence Source code
regulatorInfluence Man page
regulatorInfluence,coregnet-method Man page
regulators Man page
regulators,coregnet-method Man page
repressors Man page
repressors,coregnet-method Man page
selectNode Source code
set.overlap Source code
show,coregnet-method Man page
subsigrns Source code
summary Man page
summary,coregnet-method Man page
targets Man page
targets,coregnet-method Man page
testCyto Source code
tfPlot Source code
traits Source code
undirectedNetworkEnrichment Source code
uniqueEvidenceDataFrameByPvalue Source code
updateData Source code
val2col Source code
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