Man pages for CoRegNet
CoRegNet : reconstruction and integrated analysis of co-regulatory networks

addEvidencesIntegration of regulatory evidences.
coregnetInitialize a co-regulatory network object.
CoRegNet-classClass coregnet - Specifying the structure of the network used...
coRegnet-packagecoRegnet : inference and interrogation co-regulation networks
coregulatorsExtract all co-regulators of a regulatory network.
discretizeExpressionDataThree-value discretization of gene expression data.
displayDisplay a shiny interactive web interface to
hLICORNHybrid Learning of co-operative regulation network.
HumanDataExamplesHuman Transcription Factor data and Bladder cancer dataset.
HumanTFList of Human Transcription Factors.
masterRegulatorIdentify phenotype related Master Regulators.
refineRefine an inferred regulatory network using external...
regulatorInfluenceRegulator Influence, estimating the sample specific activity...
regulatorsInterogate a coregnet object.
summarySummaries and info coregnet
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