Man pages for DriverNet
Drivernet: uncovering somatic driver mutations modulating transcriptional networks in cancer

actualEventsActual events covered by driver mutations
computeDriversCompute a list of driver mutations
computeRandomizedResultRandomly compute lists of driver mutations
DriverNet-packageDrivernet: uncovering somatic driver mutations modulating...
DriverNetResult-classClass '"DriverNetResult"'
driversList of driver mutations identified by DriverNet
getPatientOutlierMatrixCompute the patient outlier matrix
preprocessMatricesRemove unnecessary entries from matrices
resultSummarySummarize result for drivers ranking.
sampleDriversListSample DriverNet result
sampleGeneNamesSample gene names
sampleInfluenceGraphSample influence graph
samplePatientExpressionMatrixSample patient expression matrix
samplePatientMutationMatrixSample patient mutation matrix
samplePatientOutlierMatrixSample patient outlier matrix
sampleRandomDriversResultSample Result from computeRandomizedResult
totalEventsTotal number of events in the data
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