Man pages for FRASER
Find RAre Splicing Events in RNA-Seq Data

annotateRangesAnnotates the given FraserDataSet with the HGNC symbol with...
assayNames-FraserDataSet-methodReturns the assayNames of FRASER
assays-FraserDataSet-methodReturns the assay for the given name/index of the...
calculatePSIValuesPSI value calculation
countRNACount RNA-seq data
countsGetter/setter for count data
createTestFraserDataSetCreate a test dataset
fds-methodsGetter/Setter methods for the FraserDataSet The following...
filteringFiltering FraserDataSets
fitFitting the denoising autoencoder
FRASERFRASER: Find RAre Splicing Events in RNA-seq data
FraserDataSetThe FRASER dataset object
getter_setter_functionsGetter/Setter functions
injectOutliersInject artificial outliers in an existing fds
length-FraserDataSet-methodretrieve the length of the object (aka number of junctions)
loadFraserDataSetLoading/Saving FraserDataSets
makeSimulatedFraserDataSetCreate an simulated example data set for FRASER
mergeExternalDataMerge external data
optimHyperParamsFind optimal encoding dimension
plotFunctionsVisualization functions for FRASER
psiTypesAvailable psi types
resultsExtracting results and aberrant splicing events
subsetSubsetting by indices for junctions
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