Man pages for GMRP
GWAS-based Mendelian Randomization and Path Analyses

beta.dataBeta Data Of SNP Regressed on Causal Variables and Disease
cad.databoldGWAS Meta-analyzed Data of Coronary Artery Disease
chrpSplit hg19
fmergMerge Two *GWAS* Result Data Sheets
GMRP-package*GWAS*-based Mendelian Randomization Path Analysis*GWAS* Meta-analyzed Data of Lipoprotein Cholesterols
mktableSelection of SNPs and Creation of A Standard Table for...
pathPath Analysis
pathdiagramPath Diagram
pathdiagram2Two-level Nested Pathdiagram
SNP358.dataData of 358 SNPs
SNP368annot.dataAnnotation data of 368SNPs
snpposit_SNP_ Position Annotation
ucscannotFunctional Annotation of _SNP_s Chosen
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