Man pages for GOsummaries
Word cloud summaries of GO enrichment analysis

add_expression.gosummariesAdd expression data to gosummaries object
add_to_slot.gosummariesFunctions for working with gosummaries object
customizeCustomization function for panel
gosummariesConstructor for gosummaries object
gosummaries.kmeansPrepare gosummaries object based on k-means results
gosummaries.MArrayLMPrepare gosummaries object based on limma results
gosummaries.matrixPrepare gosummaries object based on Multi Dimensional Scaling...
GOsummaries-packageWord cloud summaries of GO enrichment analysis
gosummaries.prcompPrepare gosummaries object based on PCA results
metabolomic_exampleExample metabolomic dataset
metagenomic_exampleExample metagenomic dataset
panel_boxplotPanel drawing functions
plot.gosummariesPlot the GOsummaries figure
plotWordcloudPlot a wordcloud given words and frequencies
tissue_exampleExample gene expression dataset
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