Man pages for GenomicRanges
Representation and manipulation of genomic intervals

absoluteRangesTransform genomic ranges into "absolute" ranges
constraintEnforcing constraints thru Constraint objects
coverage-methodsCoverage of a GRanges or GRangesList object
DelegatingGenomicRanges-classDelegatingGenomicRanges objects
findOverlaps-methodsFinding overlapping genomic ranges
GenomicRanges-comparisonComparing and ordering genomic ranges
GenomicRangesList-classGenomicRangesList objects
genomic-range-squeezersSqueeze the genomic ranges out of a range-based object
genomicvarsManipulating genomic variables
GNCList-classGNCList objects
GPos-classMemory-efficient representation of genomic positions
GRanges-classGRanges objects
GRangesFactor-classGRangesFactor objects
GRangesList-classGRangesList objects
inter-range-methodsInter range transformations of a GRanges or GRangesList...
intra-range-methodsIntra range transformations of a GRanges or GRangesList...
makeGRangesFromDataFrameMake a GRanges object from a data.frame or DataFrame
makeGRangesListFromDataFrameMake a GRangesList object from a data.frame or DataFrame
nearest-methodsFinding the nearest genomic range/position neighbor
phicoefCalculate the "phi coefficient" between two binary variables
setops-methodsSet operations on genomic ranges
strand-utilsStrand utilities
tileGenomePut (virtual) tiles on a given genome
tile-methodsGenerate windows for a GenomicRanges
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