cellcycle: Cell-Cycle Cluster Matrix

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An adjacency matrix in which




ccCM is a symmetric matrix with 2885 columns and 2885 rows.

nNamescc is a vector of 2885 gene names.


Cho, et al. discuss the k means clustering of 2885 Saccharomyces genes into 30 clusters with measurements taken over two synchronized cell cycles. nNamescc is a vector of the 2885 gene names. ccCM is an adjacency matrix in which a "1" in the ith row and jth column indicates that gene i and gene j belong to the same cluster. All other entries are 0. These data are integrated with phenotypic data and GO data in Balasubramanian, et al (2004).


Balasubramanian R, LaFramboise T, Scholtens D, Gentleman R. (2004) A graph theoretic approach to integromics - integrating disparate sources of functional genomics data


Cho, et al. (1998) A genome-wide transcriptional analysis of the mitotic cell cycle. Molecular Cell, 2, 65-73.

Tavazoie, et al. (1999) Systematic determination of genetic network architecture. Nature Genetics, 22, 281-285.



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