Man pages for Harman
The removal of batch effects from datasets using a PCA and constrained optimisation based technique

arrowPlotPCA before and after arrow plot for harman results
callHarmanWrapper function to call the shared C/C++ library code
detachHarmanDetach the Harman package and its shared C/C++ library code
harmanHarman batch correction method
harmanresultsHarman results object
harmanScoresA Principal components prcomp function tweaked for Harman
pcaPlotPCA plot for harman results
plot.harmanresultsPlot method for harman
prcompPlotPCA plot
print.summary.harmanresultsPrinting Harmanresults summaries.
reconstructDataReconstruct corrected data from Harman results
shiftBetasShift beta values from 0 and 1 to avoid infinite M values
summary.harmanresultsSummarizing harman results.
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