Man pages for INDEED
Interactive Visualization of Integrated Differential Expression and Differential Network Analysis for Biomarker Candidate Selection Package

choose_rhoDraw error curve
compute_corCompute the correlation
compute_dnsCalculate the differential network score
compute_parCompute the partial correlation
INDEEDINDEED: A network-based method for cacner biomarker...
loglik_aveCreate log likelihood error
Met_Group_GUGroup label.
Met_GUGU cirrhosis (CIRR) and GU Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)...
Met_name_GUKEGG ID
network_displayInteractive Network Visualization
non_partial_corNon-partial correlaton analysis
partial_corPartial correlaton analysis
permutation_corPermutations to build a differential network based on...
permutation_pcPermutations to build differential network based on partial...
permutation_thresCalculate the positive and negative thresholds based on the...
pvalue_logitObtain p-values using logistic regression
pvalue_M_GUP-values obtained by differential expression (DE) analysis.
scale_rangeScale list of numbers
select_rho_partialData preprocessing for partial correlaton analysis
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