Man pages for IVAS
Identification of genetic Variants affecting Alternative Splicing

ASdb-classASdb s4 class - a container for results from functions of the...
CalSigSNPCalculate significance SNPs
chrseparateSeparate a TxDb object based on a chromosome.
findAlternativeFind alternative exons of a gene.
findOversnpFind SNPs which belong to alternative exons and flanking...
IVAS-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'IVAS'
IVAS-packageIVAS : Identification of genomic variants affecting...
RatioFromFPKMEstimate relative expression ratio.
sampleexpCEU expression data
samplesnpCEU genotype data
saveBplotSave boxplots
SplicingfinderFind alternatively spliced exons
sQTLsFinderFind SQTLs.
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