check_netrc: Check netrc file

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Check that there is a netrc file with a valid entry for ImmuneSpace.




In order to connect to ImmuneSpace, you will need a '.netrc' file in your contains a 'machine' name (hostname of ImmuneSpace), and 'login' and 'password'. See [here]( for more information. By default RCurl will look for the file in your home directoty.

If no netrc is available or it is not formatted properly, write_netrc can be used to write one. Otherwise, when specifying login and password in CreateConnection, a temporary file will be created for that connection.


The name of the netrc file

See Also

CreateConnection write_netrc



Example output

A .netrc file is required to connect to ImmuneSpace. For more information on how to create one, refer to the Configuration section of the introduction vignette.
Error in check_netrc() : There is no netrc file. Use `write_netrc`

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