Man pages for InTAD
Search for correlation between epigenetic signals and gene expression in TADs

combineInTADPreparation for correlation analysis
enhSelEnhancer signals subset detected from medulloblatoma samples
enhSelGRGenomic coordiantes of enhancer signals subet
exprsGene expression counts table
filterGeneExprFunction to filter gene expression
findCorrelationFunction to perfrom correlation analysis
fnSEPreparation for correlation analysis for a signal
geneCoordsGene coords GRanges to estimate gene expression
InTADSigThe InTADSig Class
loadSigInTADLoad InTADSig object from text files
mbAnnDataData frame containing information about sampless
newSigInTADCreate InTADSig object
plotCorAcrossRefFunction to plot correlation across genome
plotCorrelationFunction to plot correlation
rpkmCountsSelGene expression subset from medulloblastoma samples
sigCoordsSignal coords GRanges
signalsSignal values table
tadGRGenomic coordiantes of topologically associated domains
txsSelGenomic coordiantes of genes subset
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