Man pages for KEGGlincs
Visualize all edges within a KEGG pathway and overlay LINCS data

add_edge_dataAnnotate KEGG edge mappings with user data
cyto_visSend graph to Cytoscape via CyREST
edge_mapping_infoPrepare edges for mapping
expand_KEGG_edgesGet detailed KEGG mapping information for each relation...
expand_KEGG_mappingsGet detailed KEGG mapping information for each map entity
generate_mappingsThe 'boilerplate' for this package's desired graph style
get_fisher_infoPerform Fisher's Exact test for edges in pathway
get_graph_objectGenerate graph object from nodes and edges
get_KGMLDownload and parse KGML file
keggerize_edgesAdd in edges to map documented in other pathways
KEGGlincsKEGGlincs: an R package designed to explore the edges in KEGG...
KEGG_lincsCombines all other package functions for one-step pathway...
KL_compareCombines all other package functions for one-step cell line...
node_mapping_infoPrepare nodes for mapping
overlap_infoGet overlap information for pairs of gene knock-outs from...
path_genes_by_cell_typeSee how many pathway gene knock-outs are available from data
refine_mappingsRefine pathway by cell type
tidy_edgeTidy up pathway by combining edges inside of...
toCytoscapecyREST utility functions
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