Man pages for MMAPPR2
Mutation Mapping Analysis Pipeline for Pooled RNA-Seq

calculateDistanceRead BAM files and generate Euclidean distance data
generateCandidatesGenerate potential causative mutations and consequences in...
loessFitPerform optimized Loess regression for each chromosome
mmapprMutation Mapping Analysis Pipeline for Pooled RNA-Seq
MMAPPR2Mutation Mapping Analysis Pipeline for Pooled RNA-seq
MmapprData-classMmapprData Class
MmapprData-gettersMmapprData Getters
MmapprParamMmapprParam Class and Constructor
MmapprParam-functionsMmapprParam Getters and Setters
outputMmapprDataGenerate plots and tables from MMAPPR2 data
peakRefinementCharacterize Euclidean distance peaks using resampling...
prePeakIdentify chromosomes containing peaks
tempOutputFolderGenerate temporary output folder
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