Man pages for MetCirc
Navigating mass spectral similarity in high-resolution MS/MS metabolomics data

cart2PolarCalculate polar coordinates from cartesian coordinates
circosLegendPlot a legend for circos plot
compare_SpectraCreate similarity matrix from 'MSnbase::MSpectra' object
compartmentTissueExample data for 'MetCirc': 'compartmentTissue'
convertExampleDFExample data for 'MetCirc': convertExampleDF
convertMsp2SpectraConvert MSP data frame into object of class 'MSpectra'
createLink0dfCreate a link matrix
createLinkDfCreate a data frame which contains features to link (indices)
cutLinkDfCreate a cut data frame with information on links
getLinkDfIndicesGet indices in linkDf of feature
highlightAdd links and highlight sectors
minFragCart2PolarCalculate the nearest feature in polar coordinates given...
msp2spectraExample data for 'MetCirc': 'msp2spectra'
neutrallossCalculate similarity based on neutral losses
normalizeddotproductCalculate the normalized dot product
orderSimilarityMatrixOrder columns and rows of a similarity matrix according to...
plotCircosCircular plot to visualise similarity
plotSpectraPlot pair-wise spectra
printInformationSelectDisplay information on connected features of selected...
recordPlotFill_degreeFeaturesRecord a plot of filled features and the degree of features
recordPlotHighlightReturn a 'recordedplot' of 'plotCircos' plot with 'highlight...
replayPlotAddPlot plotCircos or highlight
replayPlotOrderWrapper for 'replayPlot'
sd01_outputXCMSExample data for 'MetCirc': 'sd01_outputXCMS'
sd02_deconvolutedExample data for 'MetCirc': sd02_deconvoluted
selectSelect variable based on condition
shinyCircosInteractive visualisation of similarity and navigation of...
similarityMatExample data for 'MetCirc': 'similarityMat'
spectraCondGet MS/MS spectra that are present in condition
spectra_tissueExample data for 'MetCirc': 'spectra_tissue'
thresholdLinkDfThreshold a data frame containing information on links
tissueExample data for 'MetCirc': 'tissue'
typeMatch_link0Get typeMatch and link0 data frame
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