Man pages for OncoSimulR
Forward Genetic Simulation of Cancer Progression with Epistasis

allFitnessEffectsCreate fitness and mutation effects specification from...
benchmarksSummary results from some benchmarks reported in the...
evalAllGenotypesEvaluate fitness/mutator effects of one or all possible...
example-missing-driversAn example where there are intermediate missing drivers.
examplePosetsExample posets
examplesFitnessEffectsExamples of fitness effects
mcfLsmcfLs simulation from the vignette
oncoSimulIndivSimulate tumor progression for one or more individuals,...
OncoSimulWide2LongConvert the '' component of an 'oncosimul' object...
plotClonePhylogPlot a parent-child relationship of the clones.
plot.fitnessEffectsPlot fitnessEffects objects.
plotFitnessLandscapePlot a fitness landscape.
plot.oncosimulPlot simulated tumor progression data.
plotPosetPlot a poset.
POMObtain Lines of Descent and Paths of the Maximum and their...
rfitnessGenerate random fitness.
samplePopObtain a sample from a population of simulations.
simOGraphSimulate oncogenetic/CBN/XMPN DAGs.
to_MagellanCreate output for MAGELLAN and obtain MAGELLAN statistics.
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