makeLLDB: Create a Lazy Loading Database for Package Data Files

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This function processes the *.rda files in a package's data subdirectory and replaces them with a lazy load database.


makeLLDB(packageDir, compress = TRUE)



Path to the package source directory


If TRUE, compress the resulting lazy database.


The purpose is to create a lazy load database before INSTALL time. This makes installation of source packages much faster because the lazy database has been precomputed.

We needed this because we want the meta data packages to have lazy load symantics for the data objects. Users should be able to load a data package using require and then ask for any of the data environments by name. We want lazy loading of these data sets because they tend to contain large environments which would take a long time to load if we did it at attach time.


This function is called for its side-effect: creating a lazy loading database for a package's data files.

Note that this function is destructive in that it removed the data files (the *.rda files) after creating the lazy database.


Zhang, J., Carey, V., Gentleman, R. (2003) An extensible application for assembling annotation for genomic data.Bioinformatics 19(1), 155-156.

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